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In god we trust
Hello sir/madam
Respectfully hereby i’m going to estate the incident that happened to me from march7, 2017 science now and I hope I will receive positive and helpful respond from your good office to get my right back as one of millions costumers of kia motors company…
I ali rezaei harzandi am the owner of kia sportge, 2015 black, by vin number of knapc812df7695668 & the engin number of g4keeh461779, science january 2016.
Im married dentist and living in tehran (iran) with my pregnant wife..
As you know from march 20 until april 5 is the period of persian new year holidays. during those holidays we decided to have vacation to the north of iran on march 24, unfortunately on march 24- 2017 I had an accident with my car and on that accident the rear wheel of driver side and all wheel parts and also the rear differential got problems as the way the car couldn’t move even a meter. as I mentioned above we live in tehran so I decided to transfer my car to tehran to fix all damages on kia motors service center code 101mohsenian) one of the official service centers of atlas khodro the min kia motors dealer in islamic republic of iran (
My vehicle was accepted on date march 27, 2017 by acceptance code of [protected] and after around 45 days!!! I received my car on may 4, 2017..
The main complain is this part:
I received my car on” may14, 2017, thursday 1 pm” at the moment that the service center was getting close until saturday, when I arrived home I found out my car with burned of driver side door interiors by cigarette butts!!! and also errors of central luck. the next day (may 15, 2017) was driving the car and suddenly the car stopped and me and my pregnant wife got shocked by the very high volume noise of rear wheels. after that car couldn’t move even meter.
Again under the rain I hired a truck and transferred my car to the same service center on (same day friday may 15 2017). on saturday (may 16, 2017) when they checked my car under the elevator the found out that one main part was damaged on the accident (that I mentioned above) they didn’t see the problem and forgot to fix it!!! I don’t know how the service center cant see the main problem of car that even seen on photo that I took by my cellphone and its clear!!! they even were asking me it was my fault that why I didn’t tell the mechanic to fix it???!!! as im owner of car brought my crashed car to mechanic and its my duty to show them the problem and then they can fix it???
After a long time explanation they accepted the car (on may 16, 2017 by acceptance code of [protected] to fix the problem.
Until this time that I write this complaint they didn’t fix it yet because they said the specific part of my car is not available in iran and they should requested from korea to send iran then that service center then they can fix my car (i, even I asked them to give me copy of the request that they made from korea main supplier about my car but they refused and answered me its non of my business…) and it will take time and I should wait until forever. for the damage of interior design of driver side door that I asked the crm person they didn’t accept the liability and didn’t care and asked me to (do what ever you can and want to. here is iran and our power is much higher that yours, so you don’t have any right to complain!!!) because there is nothing to prove it so they dnt accept that it happened in their service center…
During these days I made several complains to costumer care of main office ( by phone number of +9821-[protected]) regarding negligence of their service center and what happened on my care and all moral and financial damages such as:
1. what we suffered on those days without having car and then we spent so much to transportation in the situation that my wife is pregnant and she needs to check up by her doctor whenever needed…
2. all stresses that we took while car wheels stopped in middle of speed line (anything could happen to me and my pregnant wife during driving by the car that they didn’t fix completely)
3. damage that gone on interior design of driver side door by burning it by cigarette
4. and the full of insult behavior of employees of that service center whenever I was asking the situation of my car
but the central office also didn’t give any attention and even they were blaiming me that I as a dentist should be mechanic to help them find out problems of my car!!! … then they could fix it…
By your complete information and experience as a kia motors company that have great and absolute background abut costumer care do you think that; i, as an owner of car by the occupation of dentistry should have a mechanical knowledge to figure out problems of my car and should explain them, then the service center will fix it? was it my duty and liability to point and inspect the problems of accident crashed car for them to fix it? they don’t have this duty to do their job?
Sir/madam i’m so sorry to give you headache by explaining
Hereby with all these statement that I mentioned in this letter i’m expecting from your kind, good and complete customer care office to help me to find out all those were my fault or service center?
About all document, they are all in the service center but if you need additional photos or documents, I can provide, scan and send them to your email.
Again I apology for disturbing you by my tragic letter, and beforehand I thank you so much for your time and attention and positive respond to my humble request of help.
Sincerely yours
Ali rezaei harzandi
May 19, 2017
Tahran. islamic republic of iran
Unit5, 4th floor, bldg. 11, corner 5th alley, alireza daemi street, dr fatemi street. tehran tehran, islamic republic of iran
Phone: mobile numbers: +[protected] +[protected]

May 19, 2017

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