Mohr2GO Gifts, Susan Mohr / Grand Theft

1 3318 NE 33rd St, Fort Lauderdale, FL, United States
Contact information:
Phone: 954-934-7185

I worked for Susan Mohr starting FEB.11, 2012 until MAR.11, 2012 with the understanding and agreement between the two of us that she would pay me at the end of the month 20% of all inventory I sold Monday thru Friday from 10am to 3pm, and $30.00 worth of product each day. I also brought in 4 Brooches of my own personal jewelry on Friday FEB. 24, 2012 to sell in the boutique (offered to me by Susan), and everything was fine.

However, when a dear friend of mine brought me to work the following day Susan Mohr began to tell me of how she would fire me for having a black man come to the boutique and suggested that I hide my relationship with him, or she would fire me if I had him come to pick me up or drop me off, or even come into the boutique like anyone else due to the racism she feels. It was at this time (after counsel with family and friends), I made the decision not to work for Susan Mohr. On Mar. 1st, I let Susan Mohr know I would no longer be working for her and wanted to finish out my job as of Mar. 11, 2012 as agreed but that I would no longer be staying on. This is when Susan Mohr became very verbally abusive in an agressive racist manner, and began harassing and threatening me.

To this day, after repeated attempts to retrieve my pay, my products, and my personel items (4 Brooches), Susan Mohr has avoided all responsibility to this matter and has repeatedly sent me numerous threatening and harassing texts when attempting to clear this issue up in a mature and civil matter. I have been left with no other choice than to pursue her to the fullest extent of the law through the police and the courts. What a shame that a woman in her 50's should be so selfish, immature, irresponsible and hateful to waste not only the courts time but everyone that will have to be involved.

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