Modi Industries Ltd / Interest/redumption money not paid

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Dear Concern, I V.C.Garg having no. of
20 secured NON convertable deventures with distinct no. 132880 to 1329905 Registration folio no. M 12161 of Modi Industries ltd. against amount of Rs.4000/- as on 2/4/1988 bearing interest @12.5% per annum accumulative half yearly payable
Since 2nd April 1988, the Matter explained below:-
1. No interest has been paid to me for the last 24 years by the said company.
2. The deventures were to be redeemed in 3 annual installments at the end of 7, 8 and 9 years subsequently from the date of allottment 2nd April 1988, but no redemption amount has been paid to me despite complaints every corner refer letter no. CS/MIL/94/1638 dated 20/10/1994 from Modi Industries Ltd. Modi Nagar with ref to your letter no. 7/2/NRO/004716/94 dated 12/09/1994,
Kindly take prompt action.

V.C. Garg
H No. 1216 Sector 41 B
Chandigarh 160036
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