Modesto Vacuum and Sewing Center / OWNER GARY EDWARDS WILL SCAM YOU

1 1600 McHenry Avenue Modesto, CA 95350, Modesto, CA, United States

GARY EDWARDS HAS BEEN SCAMMING HIS CUSTOMERS FOR YEARS! HIS NEGATIVE REVIEWS ARE SO BAD. I feel awful when I read of what he is doing to so many innocent customers. I WAS PERSONALLY SCAMMED BY GARY EDWARDS, the owner of Modesto Vacuum and Sewing Center. I gave him a detailed list of what I needed fixed on my sewing machine. He quoted me a price for the work. He completed the work by the following day. I picked up my machine and when I brought the machine home, it was still not working properly. It was skipping and finally locked up within 30 inches of sewing. I brought the machine back within the hour to tell him of the issues that I was still facing with the machine. He proceeded to tell me that there was NO PROBLEM with the machine and that the real problem was ME as I did not know how to sew...In fact, he told me this information about 10 inches away from my face while cursing at me! He then told me that I broke the machine after I took it home from his store! MAY I SIDE NOTE THAT I HAVE BEEN SEWING FOR 10 SOLID YEARS, OVER 50, 000 YARDS OF FABRIC AND I KNOW HOW TO SEW...WHAT I DID NOT KNOW HOW TO DO WAS CHOOSE A GOOD REPAIR MAN FOR MY SEWING MACHINE IN THE NEW CITY THAT I MOVED TO...I SHOULD HAVE READ THE REVIEWS FIRST! BIG OPPS!!!

SHOCKING! It took me days to unwind from the his derailing of me in his store! I really cannot tell you how F RATED BBB stores like this with 1 star reviews all over the internet can stay in business??? I am SHOCKED and am warning others NOT TO STEP FOOT INTO CONTRACT WITH GARY EDWARDS AS YOU WILL GET SCAMMED!

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