modern line distribution / salary

1 Dubai, United Arab Emirates

I am ex employee of the modern line distribution dubai
.i wanted to submitt a complaint against me. Saji who is working as assistant operation manager in modern line distribution dubai. He is not a good person coz his behaviour toward employees is not good. I was much sick from that person because when i busy in my work he just came at my side and suddenly stated shouting without any reason which is not good for the employees mentality as well as co. reputation. I was totally much sick from his behave which he was showing. Same I submitted in the notice of me. Juma raaz who is the operation manager of modern line distribution dubai but he remain silent on it so all in vain. Further they cancelled me from the job/ co. After taking the amount 1360 AED which I managed very dificulty. As well as they didn't give me my whole august's month salary. Furthermore still my 8 days salary is pending on them previously.

Sep 30, 2014

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