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Model Talent Network / Talent Agency

224 West 35th StNew York, NY, United States Review updated:
Contact information:
They work with a photo company called Photographers R Us and they take your pictures, tell you they need them to send to agencies but then ask you to join their program online for an extra fee when you go pick them up. They are not legit.


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  4th of Nov, 2008
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Absolutely untrue. This company is a very legit business. You get exactly what you pay for. We do not mislead or deceive anyone.
  10th of Sep, 2010
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I went in there today thinking that I could score an gig as an extra for Law and Order: SVU.

You're absolutely right--a complete scam. Filthy run-down office with furniture that looks like it came off the street corner. Incompetent receptionist dressed like she rolled out of bed.

BTW: They are no longer working under the name "Model Talent Network" or even "World Model Talent." The name that I was given was simply "M". And the proprietor called himself "Max Holden". And I am not able to find a current URL for this "agency" as the cheap business card that "Mr. Holden" gave me didn't name one.
  5th of Oct, 2010
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Yea it's 2010 and they are still at it, don't go in here. He is just money hungry I could see right through him, he couldn't look me in my eyes. He didn't know knowledge was behind these eyes, I look 15 but I'm 19 lol. His tactic was to speak fast and sound legit but he didn't fool me.
  9th of Oct, 2010
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I went in there today. first impression: "woah - this is shady"
you are given a form to fill out and sit in a small make-shift waiting room with posters of random movies. I thought someone was going to murder me in this creepy room - with music blasting, presumably so you don't hear any conversations/discussions/altercations happening in the next room, his office.
He speaks a hundred miles an hour to make sure you don't have a second to think clearly. He showed pictures of people he helped get started, now on posters around the city, or in films/shows, including a baby he claims to have gotten onto Baby Mama as an extra (tina fey was holding it in a picture).
He then proceeded to inform me on what to do, i.e. pay 150 dollars for pictures to get on the "database".
I simply said - I wasn't expecting to pay any money today - sorry. After a while, he offered to take just the headshot for 25 dollars. I wasn't buying it. He leads you out through another door so you don't come in contact with any future "clients", or people he wants to rip off. The guy is money hungry. Someone, please end this guy's act. He is stealing people's money. He says his name is Brad. His card reads Max Holden, model / talent director, number: 516-679-6107. The number that called me was 212-268-8013

224 West 35 Street number 206
224 W 35th street -

  23rd of Oct, 2010
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I really wish I would have read everyone's messages before I wasted a great Saturday on this crap. I also wish I hadn't given them the money? I guess lesson learned? I just don't understand how they could just lie to my face. I want to go back and at least get my pics I did pay for that. What should I do????
  25th of Oct, 2010
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I'm glad I read this. I actually still have Mr.Holden's card in my wallet if that's even his name. I knew there was something up with that dude.
  5th of Nov, 2010
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I met this Mr. Holden aka Brad man today at the [censor] filthy office on 35th street. He spoke too fast, and showed me some photos of people who he got jobs. I was tired from the day, and did not think clearly, Ended up paying him $108 for prints of my head shots. WHich i am sure are useless. I rather loose that money then to be in contact with that place again.

Do not go to these people, it was scam!
  18th of Nov, 2010
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I recently was scammed from a particular agency. This is actually a photography studio, not an agency so I gathered this information.

RESCHEDULE, RESEARCH, and DECIDE whether you want to go through with it

Google the number/business name and check BBB.org (better business bureau)

I was scammed from the company who operate under many aliases below...
Business Name:
Model Talent Network
M Entertainment
MAX entertainment
New Model Network
New York Model Talent
Photographers R Us
WMT Model & Talent Development

Business Address:
224 West 35th Street Ste 206 (rotating 216 / 203 )
New York, NY 10123

Phone numbers:
(212) 268-9700 -
(212) 244-4431 -
(212) 268-8013 -
(212) 244-4483 -
(212) 268-9734 -
(212) 268-9709 -
(212) 244-4330 -
(212) 244-4487

scammer info: alias Brad Acta / Brad West / Max Holden
email: BradWest100@gmail.com (salesman)
facebook: http://www.facebook.com/people/Brad-Acta/1616800230

Alex Filipovic (photographer)

Read all the complaints here:

Better Business Bureau info about this company:

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