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On Friday May 29, 2009 I took my car to the Mechanic shop to have the radiator replaced, I called the owner Ron Hinds around 12:00 I went back to the shop to pick my car up, Ron was in his office and asked Ron how much I owed since I wasn't given and invoice.
Ron then asked Dennis his assistant to move my car into the drive way, Dennis took the car out of the shop drove the car down the street around the corner and smashed my car into a Ford Truck, to make a long story short the assistant was charged for not having a licences, Ron wa charged for allowing a unlicenced driver drive my car, and not having any insurance for his shop. On Monday June 1, 2009, Ron offered my 2100 for my car, I told Ron that couldn't buy back a car so he should please fix my car he said no way, I asked Ron for 3000 in hopes this would be enough to fix my car, he said no, cutting it short again he finally agreed to pay 3000 and so I told him I was coming to get my car, and I except the 3000, he then said no it's 3000 without my car, getting to the point I went to pick my car up paid 240.00 to towe it and now it's in Small Claims Court. Is there anything anyone can do to help this situation along I would really like my car fixed.

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  • Ha
      Jun 29, 2009

    You have a date in small claims court; be sure you are more organized in explaining to the judge what happened with your car than you were when you posted this complaint.

    Bring a copy of every receipt you have with you. I would also talk with the police and get the accident report, if you don't have your own copy. Don't expect to get this the same day you go to court, take some time now to get all documentation in order.

    The key to winning in small claims is to have a valid case (you do), and to BE PREPARED.

    Also i'd ask for the money for the towing charge and the small claims court filing fee as well.

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