Mobis Alabama / Discriminating overtime

On November 14, 2012 i was asked to work the second shift over because they were short of workers. i agreed and told the supervisor of second shift yes, so when Friday evening came i went to designated area to work over and just a little during lunch another team member from the the third shift came in. She came and asked me was I working the entire shift i said yes that”s what the supervisor asked me to do.

Then the team member stated let me go and ask them where they want her to work at so she left. less than 2 minutes later she came back and shortly after her the plant production manager camed and told me to get my things and go as of now you are off the clock. i stated ok, but i thought i was suppose to work the entire shift, the plant production manager told me i can’t let you work no more than 12hours i said there are other people on the first shift staying over working the entire second shft also the plant production manager stated i could care less about them then i’ve asked him who is your supervisor he stated his name i said may i speak with him please he said sure. so we go to the office but his supervisor wasn’t there so he decided to make a phone call and told me to finish my lunch he will get me when he comes back so that i can talk to him.

about 10 minutes later the plant production manager came and got me but the suprise to me was there was team relation, safety department, his supervisor and several others in the office. Team relation for the second shift was the only person asking me what happened and why did i wanted to speak to his supervisor. she stated to leave and clock out i said ok clock out and left the premises.

so on the following Monday which is now November 19, 2012 i clocked in fine worked my entire 8 hours no problem and no questions about friday night, as it was time to clock out my finger was rejected three times. i called my supervisor and told her the situation. Shortly after that my phone had 2 missed calls but i didnt answer it due to leaving it in my car. It was the assistant manager of team relation he left a message for me to call him back it ‘s very urgent.

Finally, i’ve got in touch with him and stated what happened he told me 3 hours after my shift ended that im suspended without pay until the investigation is over. The assistant team relation couldn’t give me a time frame of how long the investigation would be or anything i’ve asked him what am I being fired for he said who said anything about you are fired you are just suspended. now i don’t know if I have a job should i look for a job, all because i saw how the plant production manager was discriminating overtime and wasn’t being fair as a whole.

This job also have a shift difference that we don’t get paid for. If a 1st shifter works 2nd shift the first shift doesnt get the $1second shift difference per hour. another thing is too I have a written doctors order not to work more than eight hours per day they still asked me and allowed me to work over. they have no set rules they follow breaking them and hurting a very dependable good workers all because they feel like upper management can do that. This company takes your breaks away at the time of break having you to work straight until they decide to give u the next break.


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