Mobile Telephone Networks [MTN] South Africacollections department


I am an MTN customer and my account was handed over to you. I spoke to a consultant who was very abrupt and told me that I need to pay R13600 which is what I owe. I understand I had an outstanding amount of about R5000 From MTN which I needed to pay in order for the account to be sent back to MTN however now I am being told that the account was handed over and I need to pay R13600 which I do not have. MTN never called me about the account and MBD also never called me because MTN closed my line for incoming and outgoing calls ands I was never called to advise of this. I am only willing to pay the arrears amount and consent to a debit order again so my line is opened again and we can continue business with MTN, I am no longer willing to deal with MBD based on how they treat customers. I do look forward to your assistance in this regard.

Anele Dyan



Jul 25, 2018

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