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Mobile Systems Limited / Theft and Fraud

1 1 Four Turnings Cottages, Preston Rd.Wingham Canterubury Kent, England, Kent, United Kingdom

This company is run my a number of Nigerian men with cell phones!!
These scammers will do anything and everything to get you to send them more and more money!

I originally wanted to order only 1 phone as a sample (Apple iPhone).
This person who goes by the name 'Kate', told me that it would be fine and to Western Union the money. So I did. She then came back and told me that the custom fees would be so high, that I would need to order a minimum of 5. Reluctant, I did and then she came back after I had paid and told me that someone had come into the store and bought up all the phones, and that I would have to get them from there other store in Nigeria. Well, I didn't like the sound of that, but I felt like I was already in deep with the money I had sent.

So I reluctantly had to order 5 more, because they stated that I would have to order a minimum of 10 from their Nigerian store. I did so and they came back and told me it would cost $475 for custom fees. I paid like an idiot and then they came back again and told me that it would be an additional $750 more for custom fees. Thinking it was all over, they then came back to me and asked me to pay an additional $350 for Fed Ex fees.

After sending that, they told me that they never received it. Western Union told me it was picked up with their information. I told them that there was proof I sent it and it was picked up and they kept claiming it wasn't them who picked it up. I told them they needed to take the loss then and send me my phones. They wanted me to send another $350. That was the last straw! I refused and asked for a refund. In my gut I knew I wasn't going to see my money again, but they kept in touch through email regulary. Here's the real kicker!! Kate sent me an email telling me that a client of their's owes them money and wants to send a check, so she tells me that she told him to go ahead and send it to me and I was take my refund out of it and immediately send back the difference. Sound familiar ??!

I wasn't stupid, so I went ahead and accepted the check, and when I received was a Cashiers check. I new it wouldn't clear my bank. I noticed it was stamped from Nigeria with no return address (of course). I went ahead and deposited and waited. It cleared on the 4th day and on the 5th day my bank called and told me it was counterfeit!

Kate kept in touch with me everyday to make sure I sent the money back to her quickly. NO WAY! Not only am I out of $4475.00...I would also have had to owe my bank an additional $1600.00 if I had sent her any money!

This is the business they do! They are NOT a legimate business and will take you for everything you have! DO NOT SEND THEM ANY MONEY!!!

Katy, Texas


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