Mobile Media Solutions / Criminal activity - Fraudulent subscription to paid services

1 Quincy, MA, United States

This company are real criminals - I'm dead serious. They practice fraudulent subscription of people to their "services" by deceiving them - they mask the subscription process so that it looks like some lottery entry or something else. The main thing is that they make you enter your phone number and then you receive a PIN and enter it on some website (they use various pretexts - lottery, sweepstakes, some survey, etc.) - and that's all they want from you, because what you REALLY DID was to subscribe your phone number to a paid "service" which costs $9.99/month.

As for me, I have been a PC Security Admin, so I know these tricks, but they caught my wife today, using a pop-up fake 'survey' on Gmail and promises to win an iPhone or some similar device. My wife's phone was (without her knowing it) signed for one or two of their 'text services'.

I have investigated the matter and I saw lots of complaints against this company. Frankly speaking, I do not understand why these people are still walking free because this is an obviously criminal scheme, very well-known, and I have encountered such things in my native country many times. Actually, what these people are is THIEVES and they should be in jail.

Anyway, I DO NOT intend to pay ANYTHING for these annoying text messages. I found their website and using the contact form notified them that I INSIST on removing my wife's number from ALL of their subscription lists and NEVER send anything to her again. I have already contacted my phone company and they promised to reverse charges and block these numbers if my wife's phone is billed. I did not try to send 'STOP' messages to their numbers as I have suspicions that this may cost additional money. At the same time I am thinking about filing complaints with FBI and FCC because this subscription scheme is fraudulent and unfair.

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