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I know you would probably think that having so muc awareness in media regarding this scam, there would not be any more victims!!
There still are. my husband was one on 19th Apr 2012. He received a call from [protected]. The Modus Oprandi is always the same. When we came to Dubai we head about the rafles and lucky draw here, so the call seemed quite convincing. He sent pins to coupons worth over 11000 aed. I dont know how it happened, but he could just not hang up. My intension here is not to say that over so many years Etisalat is not able to irradicate ths whole sca, cause I know that would be impossible. The awareness campaigns should still be on, with messages from new victims. And the best thing is to restrict the top up limit per user to 200-500 aed. Why is t tha noteven the sales agent warns you that or enquires thereason s to why you are puchasing all these high value coupons? Please have system in place not only to make the consumer aware, but also to protect the ones that fall prey by limiting their losses and warning them in time that they might be prey to a scam.

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  • Su
      30th of Apr, 2008

    no coverage 9987163955

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  • Bh
      2nd of May, 2008
    Mobile connection - Hello Tune Charge
    Airtel India

    I don't want to subscribe for Hello Tune in spite of that airtel customet care has cut my 30 Rs for Hellotunes.
    I Got call from customer care about selecting tune and i denied for hello tunes, inspite of that he charge me 30Rs for hellotune.

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  • Am
      27th of Jan, 2010
    Mobile connection - misbehaviours
    Relience communication

    Kind Attn Mr. Chetan Madhani

    Ref (A) M.No. 9327522236
    (B) New connection No. 8000197268 & 8000197269
    Sub: Misbehaviors.
    Dear Sir,
    The above said mobile connection were taken from your Web world
    J.K. Communication, Jaideep Complex. ATM, Galaxy Cinema Road,
    Naroda, Ahmedabad.

    (A), The connection No. 93...36, was purchased with Post-paid, but to being some reasons, the same was requested to your above branch to divert from post-paid to prepaid,
    Round about 10 days are completed to the request, but till date no action is taken from your above branch, and we try to contact them on Phone No. 9328955500, the person, who is available on this phone, not giving suitable replay, and shouted on phone in a bad manners.

    (B) In the same way, the two new connections were taken on the same days, but till date the same is not activated. And we asked for reliance connection, however, they give me wrong guidance, and provide GSM a connection instead of CDM, when we asked about that, the person, who is having Mobile No. 9328955500, is not giving suitable reply on phone,

    Also, the head of the branch, (mobile no. is 9377886678, always found not reachable.

    Pls. look into the matter and arrange to resolve the problem, as early as possible.
    Your immediate action in the matter will be highly appreciated.

    Thanking you,
    Ashok Sharma

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  • Pr
      15th of Sep, 2010
    Mobile connection - Rejection of sim card

    The cell phone connection subscribed by my wife Sunita Mishra No. 9938880632 has been shown rejection of SIM card before few days. When I contacted the local AIRTEL office they told me to produce document and pay Rs. 25.00. I paid the amount and produced the required documents and obtained the new sim card. They informed that it will be activated by yesterday night. But it has not been activated yet.
    Further rejection of sim so often is a big harassement for people using cell phone. This has become a common problem with AIRTEL network only.I got to know that many customers of our locality have sufferring with same problem.Is this a nasty business policy to harrass people and earning money inselling sim cards at the cost of giving trouble to customers in delaying their right to get connected.
    I find in near future customers are bound to take other network connection .
    Hope remedial steps may be taken. Thanks.

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