Mobile 365 Pty ltd / Unauthoried Messages

Since the 18th November I have been receiving unauthorised messages on my mobile. I have not asked for these messages and I have not answered any of them.
I have received 8 messages and these have been shown on my latest Telstra bill. I have spoken to Telstra and they informed me that your company had submitted these costs against my mobile phone number. Item Numbers shown on my account are - 22X8DSJ4 - 226EN3E6 - 22XT6G93 - 22YAJUG3 - 2324RGZ3 - 22YKE935 - 22YKZRS5 - 22YKZRS5 - 22YKZRT5.
I do not know what these numbers stand for.
Please arrange for Telsta to remove these charges ($40.10 from my account urgently.
I have tried ringing your company on [protected] but all I get is recorded messages telling me to leave a message. I eventualy received a message from a lady who I could hardly understand who gave me this web page to look up and get this email address.
Please reply to this message as a matter of urgency.
My email address - [protected]

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