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MNI Credit Report Services / Taking unauthorized monthly amounts of $9.95!

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I did a one time check your credit free and this company is now automatically taking $9.95 out of my checking account monthly. I have informed my bank, but somehow it just happened again and it needs to stop immediately and i would like my money they took out reimbursed. This company was not given permission to do this!!!

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  29th of May, 2007
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I had also used it 1 time. I was charged 9.95$ today. This was a free credit check up. I called them up to ask why was I charged. They said that I wasn't charged for Credit Check up, But I was charged for the Identity Monitor which came along with it. That was free for 1st month and since I did not call them and cancel it I was charged for 2nd month. Now they say that this was written in the terms and conditions. But I really feel they just shouldn't charge without our permission. Many services might be attached to an offer without our permission. How do we read all the "terms and conditions"!!!

Ridiculous !

  30th of May, 2007
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I have been having these charges to my account also. I'm not even sure what free credit thing I signed up for, but i was getting monthly charges from THREE different companies from it! I was able to cancel all of the others ones except for this, I tried several times to get it taken care of. After attempting to get a hold of them about 15 times today (not exaggerating) I finally was able to talk to a human being. She had the nerve to suggest keeping my account open until the 26th of next month so that I could "take advantage of my payment" i was furious because i don't even know how to access this thing! I finally had to be firm with her and say just to cancel it because i don't care what it's for, i just want these stupid charges off of my account. She was very rude and unprofessional and I will definitely sign a petition for this Fraud lawsuit if it comes about!! Horrible company!

  27th of Jun, 2007
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This company has taken out $9.95 without permission and i want it reimbursed back in my account as soon as possible. Is this how i cancel it anyways?

Contact me at my email address

Loretta Lynn Russell

  10th of Jul, 2007
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I have no idea why they are billing me through my Visa. I ordered a FREE credit check threw earlier this year, but never requested anything else.

  22nd of Jul, 2007
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How do you contact this company. I am very tired of giving away 9.95 every month. This scam should be prosecuted!!! I would also join a class action suit against them!

  30th of Jul, 2007
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I FU***NG HATE THESE PEOPLE!!! I have called and called and i get nothing. My bank is even tired of me complaining to them about it. After i pay my credit card off, I'm going to cancel the card, i think this is the only way to get rid of these MNI credit report people... if anyone finds a solution please let me know... I'm a starving college student who barely has money to pay for the card and these people are driving me insane!!!


  7th of Aug, 2007
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I got the same thing!!! Their real name is Mighty Net, Inc. address: 9040 Topanga Canyon Blvd., Floor 2, Canoga Park, CA 91304 phone number i found is 866-408-4016. they charged me $11.95 through never again will i go to a website which claims it's services are free.

  11th of Aug, 2007
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I made the same mistake. Now what I would like to know is how to correct it.

  21st of Aug, 2007
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They are charging me 19.75 a month for the past like 8 months. These people have done this to long and I never been able to find out what it was until now. I really wish I could get reimbursed. If anybody knows how to get a reimbursement please let me know smb. This is some bull cr*p If there is a lawsuit against them I'm in!!!

  6th of Sep, 2007
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I am now on hold with them from my cell phone... been a while. I have been charged $9.95/mo. for several months and without an alternate no. from somebody up there in the msgs. I wouldn't haven't even gotten this far, which is not very far as no one is answering. I am about to email/call Free Credit Report and ask them why they would align themselves with such low lives as these. This is the pitts, and I'm ready for the class action for sure. This is the lowest of the low especially considering the huge amt. of complaints... jeez.

  8th of Nov, 2007
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What is their website, does anyone know?

  18th of Dec, 2007
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I am outraged!!! I also did a one time check into a free credit report. All of a sudden i have been seeing $9.95 taken out of my checking account monthly. I have been trying to find an email address or a phon number or something whereby i can write or call them to stop this but i don't know which agency this was and there is no contact information. I did nothing as far as signing up for anything. I don't even know how they got my bank information because i did not give it to them. What can i do to get my money back?

  26th of Dec, 2007
0 Votes that is their web site.

  2nd of Jan, 2008
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They have been charging me since august of 'o7. I wasn't really aware of the $11.95 they were taking from me until Dec. 22 '07 when I made a big ticket purchase and i was close to my credit limit. the next thing you know, i checked my online statement and I was $59 over the my limit. I paid $65 and and checked again today and i was $30 over the limit due to an overdraft fee. I searched for mni and came across this board.When I called, The guy tried to tell me about the benefits as well. i let him know, as soon as i heard the word benefit, that the largest one was me keeping all my money. I then told him to cut the BS and cancel my account. thanks to everyone who posted. i just canceled 4 minutes ago and have my confirmation # hanging up in my room. .

  4th of Jan, 2008
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This is indded a tricky way to make ten bucks on unsuspecting people. I too was wondering why I was getting charged. MNI is also Log on to the members section and follow the prompts to the "How do I cancel my membership" section. CALL the 1-877 number, DO NOT EMAIL THEM!!! Thwy will not respond to the email. Cancelling your membership takes about 5 minutes, though they will try to convince you that you need the monitoring service.

Remember, the only way to get a truly free credit report is to go to This is a website operated by the FTC and allows you a free credit report ONCE a year. It's cheaper than contacting each of the three credit bureaus and paying five buck a pop. I hope this was useful!

  8th of Jan, 2008
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Last summer I got a free credit check from 3-in-1 Credit Report. Of course they wanted me to sign up for monthly credit reports with an ongoing fee. I started the process of doing that and then changed my mind before completing the form. Since then I have been getting emails from them which I have considered spam and ignored. Now I find that for at least the last two months my debit card has been dinged by MNI for $11.95 per month. I had never heard of MNI until this happened. The only path I can track is 3-in-1 Credit Report,, Privacy Matters 1-2-3 which are all part of Transunion Interactive Inc. All of which swear to never under any circumstances share your info, period. I don't know how MNI got my card number, but my bank is issuing me a new one and checking with MNI for any reimbursments. Be careful.

  19th of Jan, 2008
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On October 18, 2007, I requested a one time free three in one credit report, since that time I have been billed 11.95 twice per month totaling $23.90 per month. These withdrawal are unauthorized I am requesting that they cease and I be reimburse for all monies taken from this account.

  13th of Mar, 2008
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I have been trying to get $9.95 charge off my credit card for over a year. MNI Credit Report MNTR SVC CA.

  8th of Apr, 2008
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Me, my dad and my sister got charge from this cheat company. I try to cancle it!!!

  22nd of May, 2008
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I need to add a point.
These companies are border line boiler room operations.
You can only get them if you want to do business not if you want to get customer satisfaction after a complaint.
A petition which, can even be done electronically, may get their attention, otherwise they are hiding in their molehole
and not responding.

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