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I am a regular passenger of Matrubhoomi MMTS train from FALUKNAMA-LINGAMPALli (47211).Train usually comes at 9 and leaves by 9:02 at Secunderabad station if the train is running as per the scheduled time, Incase the train is running late the departure time of the train would be at 9:10.Today I was on the platform-1 by 8:50.I heard the announcement that the matrubhoomi train (47211) would arrive shortly on platform -10, even before the announcement did end the train has already arrived on the platform and later another announcment was made the travel is now about to leave the platform.So, i had to run from the platform-1 to platform-10, somehow managed to reach the platform but had i ran long distance i couldnt run any furthur and stopped at the guard's cabin and then got into his cabin ( usually they allow WOMEN to get into their cabin on seeing them running from long distance, thereafter people get down at next stage and go back to ladies cabin, i tired to do the same today i boarded the train at guard's cabin and the guard was not an regular guard i would see everyday as i am travelling in the same train from 1 year he was some old guy.I requested him to let me in and i would get down at next stop and move to ladies cabin. please note the train hasn't started them and we had this conversation i told him again i would get down at next stage and go the ladies cabin.The guard neither allowed me into the cabin and moreover he pushed me very rudely out of the train.This a worst experience i had today.
i would kindly request, to take necessary action on the guard who ever misbehaved like this today.dated 30/03/2016

Mar 30, 2016

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