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1 33 Terminal Way Ste 525, Pittsburgh, PA, 15219, Pittsburgh, PA, United States Review updated:
Contact information:
Phone: 412-224-2265

First off, MMI Marketing, Moxy Marketing, East Coast Innovations, Keen Marketing, are all the same Co. They all have the same manager Ashley Allen. Ashley is a young, inexperienced manager, who has made many unprofessional mistakes. These mistakes have forced her to change the name of her Co., to save face for Cydcor. Her biggest problem is from the consistent sexual harassment. Ashley being the problem. She takes advantage of the 'friendly' team, nights, atmosphere and of course, the drugs and alcohol. Ashley has been in trouble for this behavior, and the higher ups in the scam aren't okay with it either(it could blown their whole scheme...). Ashley is stubborn though, or stupid, and she continues dancing this fine line. Any male applying should be knowledgeable of this repetitive issue. ...They/she tries to make you feel like a friend so when you don't make any money, you feel uncomfortable complaining. Or, you might simply be so broke weeks in the position, that your going to simply hope they don't screw you... but, they will. There is no money here. Ashley lives with her other managers. And she is running an office!!!, ...what you are ultimately trying to do yourself... not quite the image of a successful business owner. The lies are the biggest part of the job. You must lie to customers if you want to make any money. Why would you think YOU would be told the truth. Your paycheck is ###, and never gets better, insurance never kicks in, your sorry ### promotion will be put on hold if you ask any questions. Plus, your spending on gas this entire time, and on team nights, ...which are a complete waste of an evening. Ashley Allen will lie to your face, speak disgusting comments behind your back, and when you decide to quit...yikes she doesn't hold back her vile hatred toward you, who was on her 'team' 5 mins before. ...And ...It's ...All ...For ...Nothing!!!

For those of you who have never worked for this kind of 'marketing' firm. Know, that it is not marketing at all.

'This is B2B selling, where you are told to go back to the costumer even after he/she has said no and your butt hurts from them ripping you a new one. There is more read on.

This company is a major MLM scam, running a pyramid scheme. They hire anyone who applies to the company, but lead you to believe that you were "chosen" out of the 25 people that the interviewed the day before.

The second interview consists of going out in the field for 10-12 hours with a so called executive sales leader. After you survive, you are hired. Then the brain washing begins with working you 10+ hours a day and promises of owning your own office in 2 years and a 6 figure income. If you even question the rigorous pace, you are told that the hard work is only for a short time and if you don't agree you are basically a slacker.

After you have been accepted into their flock the brainwashing begins...
A morning meeting starts the day with shouts and group pep rallies. Most questions are never answered. You are told to get with your team leader for a one on one. The problem is that, you can't get a hold of your leader to have the question answered and then you are rushed out of the office to start your sales day. You are not permitted to come back to the office until the end of the day. A team leader was with you at all times except when you begin to sell solo, then your by yourself. This is done so you are never able to talk with any co-workers. They even walk you to your car every night to make sure you don't talk with anyone else!!

The worst part is the deceptive sales training. You are told to have all initials and signatures on the contract and not to worry about the content for they can fix it when you get back to the office. After my first day on my own, I came back to the office and the team leader added a service to the contract without disclosure to the customer. Trainees are also told to distract the customer if they ask any questions about the contract or disclosure statements. The reasoning told to the trainee is that you will be there all day if you answer any questions and you won't make any other sales. Since you are paid only 100% commission, trainees will adhere to this advice.

The day ends with another pep rally and a critique from your superior on how you could of snowed a customer into buying something that they did not need. You are then once again walked to your car by a team leader. Only to start the process over again the next day.

There are some legitimate MLMs out there but, please beware that there are some out there preying on the millions of desperate unemployed people out there.

I got out in time. Only because I was lucky enough to approach a business owner who was an ex FBI agent. He confirmed my suspicions.

After doing some extensive research, I have found that this type of business racket is going on through out the CONUS and parts of Canada. Anyone looking for employment BEWARE!!! Anyone who owns a business and is solicited to purchase anything (phone services, office supplies etc.) by contract ask questions and if you are distracted DO NOT SIGN anything!!!

I plan on filing a complaint with the BBB and the Attorney General of the state.'

Research Moxy Marketing complaints, like I previously stated, these are all the same Co., same scam!

this site has a lot of info about the guys in NYC, NY Partners and so many others, are running the same scam for cydcor:

Please post any info, found anywhere, on any of these Co's.
Thanks You!

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  • Ke
      13th of Jan, 2011

    I just called this company today for an interest for the job, and she wanted me to get interviewed at 10:15am tomorrow! To me it felt fishy, but after reading this article, you SAVED ME! thank you so much!! Does anyone else feel this way that you know of??

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  • In
      14th of Jan, 2011

    I did my internship there. I am currently a Pitt student, and I love this company. I made a decent amount of money working for MMI especially for an internship. You shouldnt believe everything people say. My opinion is MAKE DECISIONS for yourself.

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  • Pa
      15th of Jan, 2011

    I recently went through the first interview and then second "full day job shadow" interview at MMI. I smelled the crap I stepped in immediately and when I got the phone call telling me I got the job, I simply hung up. I'm sorry, but I'm not willing to sell my dignity to these people. If I wanted to do that, I would go be a stripper. At least then, I'd know I was actually making honest money. Do yourself a favor and listen to this posting. Hell, if you're bored, and want a few laughs for yourself, play their game the first two days. Don't let their "corporate atmosphere" make you nervous. Ask as many questions about their company as you can and when you get no answers, or half-assed beat around the bush answers that make no sense, you'll know. Laugh in their face, and tell the 5-10 people in the waiting room what you know, and do them a favor. Oh, and tell their damn secretary to turn down her awful music. It doesn't make their office "cool" (part of the scam).

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  • As
      17th of Jan, 2011

    The comment from 'independent thinker' is ridiculous! Definitely posted by Ashley Allen. 'MMI marketing' is the most recent name change. Took place about the beginning of Dec. '10. It's been a month. Did your entire internship last a month? Over the Holiday's? lol! And you love the Co...Why? NO ONE interns at this office! Or even this kind of office. Let's not pretend there is a legit educational spin to the scam your running. That would be a new scam to report on...we'll call it 'Pittsburgh student/internship scam.'

    Beware students and young people of Pittsburgh! If your going to do an internship in preparation for a prospective marketing might be a good idea to intern at an actual marketing firm. You know, the kind that hire you to promote, advertise, and 'market' there product. MMI Marketing is hired by cydor/verison/untuit to SELL its products, not market it! I promise you, MMI Marketing is a scam and isn't a marketing job. Going door to door selling office supplies, isn't what your professors are teaching you. In fact they will warn you about this Co. and others just the same.

    Ashley, your out of your league up North. Your T is white trash florida! So, Go away! Please!

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  • De
      19th of Jan, 2011

    I recently quit working for this company because of all of this ###. I worked there for a week, being a Marine i figured that hey i can do this and it will get better. Well it didnt, but my overall question is should i be worried that Ashley has my information?

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  • Ni
      19th of Jan, 2011

    Anyone with half a brain can figure out that this is a scam...

    They are trying to prey upon recent grads/those desperate for an "official" sounding job in the marketing field and it is sickening how many people fall for the trick. After graduating in May, I applied to a Moxy Marketing ad on Monster and literally 3 hours later was called and offered an interview, which, as I found out during my career search, is unheard of and a tell-tale sign of a scam. I never went for the interview because I discovered several blog postings outlining the scam, however, several people that graduated with me also applied for the job and (surprise) were hired basically on the spot. I was told that the interview was basically a joke and the waiting room was like a revolving door of young, recent college grads who I'm sure were also fed the same standard lines.

    While I was lucky enough to secure an actual job with a great company, Moxy Marketing called me dozens of times over the summer and into the fall leaving several voicemails. When I finally picked up and asked that they kindly stop calling and that I had already taken a position, the young woman who I was speaking with became extremely rude and basically told me I was stupid for not pursuing the opportunity with Moxy Marketing. It came off as extraordinarily desperate and after seeing how vigorously they try to pimp themselves on internet job boards, my theory was proven correct. They tend to use Craigslist as a large recruiting tool, which, as most reputable businesses will tell you, isn't the best place to look for potential talent as it attracts a seedier sort of applicant given the nature of site.

    My advice is to lean heavily on the reputable resources that are put before you...if you are a college grad/student, meet with your career center and consult with them as they can open a lot of doors and the businesses they work with are almost always extremely reputable and very good places to start your career. Hopefully this blog post and the comments that result can help others stay away from such a shady operation...

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  • St
      20th of Jan, 2011

    I read a craigslist add asking for immediate help in the Southside of pittsburgh at a company that was called Infinite Concepts Incorporated. Looking for various positions that needed to be filled, in marketing, promotion, distribution, and office administration. There was a number so I called, and on the other end of the phone was a woman named Lilliana, only the add on craigslist said ask for beth. Without ANY prescreening I was asked to come down for an interview only 1:45 minutes later (4:00 pm) on the phone with this sexy sounding receptionist. After my interview i was told to call back at 5:30 pm and the same woman said i had done well and they selected me and one other person out of everyone that applied that day. After a few hours of relaxation and relief that I had found a decent job at an exciting company I got to thinking. That thinking lead me to complaints like these, and then turned to a realization I had almost been scanned into there MLM or pyramid scheme. Those sneaky ###! Here is what turned my suspicion into conclusion:

    As a recent college grad, I walked into an office that looked like nobody really cared about anything, dressed to impress as recommended. However there were 15 people who were in and out around the same time I was, and not one of them seemed to have their ### together, all looking for work like me, but unlike me were dressed in jeans, sweatshirts, cowboy boots, and one man had tattoos on his neck and a whole in his shirt.

    Ok I thought, maybe a lot of people responded. Shady yes, but scam no sir.

    After talking to the receptionist for a while, things were still very unclear. What was I doing there, what was I going to be applying for? She used a lot of big words when asked about what exactly they did there. Not big words in sense of educated lingo, but how slime balls use big words to distract you, engross you, and confuse you. Although, she was extremely friendly and attractive. Throughout the entire process I still had no concrete idea, supporting evidence, or even a web reference that would tell me what the hell this company actually did.

    I was interviewed after 5 other people where whisked in and out, while 10 or so people where still waiting to go after me. It was just a whirlwind of activity. Everyone who was there was of different age, gender, race, background and had varying levels of experience and preparation. I watched as the man sitting next to me asked the receptions to sign a slip from his halfway house that he had been there. After a few minutes of questions from all of us in the waiting room, and none being answered the receptionist left and the man turned to me and said: "brother I don't know about this, it seems kind of shady." I couldn't have agreed more.

    The interview, i was told would be with the Marketing Director, was actually with the president. So you mean to tell me the president of this corporation has time to do day long interviews with candidates with no prescreening or experience?
    The email for the company is [protected] So you also mean to tell me that this corporation who does business with, as I was told, Disney and Warner Bros doesn't even have there own website or email addresses?

    I decided to go back to craigslist, and found a few scam warnings describing the very company that had asked me to return the next day and go on a shadow trip, get in cars with them and going on sales missions. Luckily, I discovered the same comments and articles many of you all had already been aware of. MMI, MLM, Pyramid scam were words associated by not only user comments but by articles all over, and worse, there were 4 different articles online in which the address of the company was different every time.

    I was told I would be paid cash after everyday, and make possibly $300 to $600 a week to start, with a strong possibility of advancing in the ranks. However I would need to file my own 1099 report and withhold the money in my own savings account since they do not withhold any cash. It seems a lot of people have gone through this, worked for a few weeks and wasted time, money, and effort on a wild adventure through the scheming jungles of sly scam foxes.

    Long story short, I still have no idea what they do. All I know is that it seemed very off to me, and thanks to people who had gone through the same thing and felt compelled to help there human brethren by tipping off the good guys looking for an honest days work, I know better now and my suspicions were confirmed. Scam it is, and if there’s a guy from a halfway house sitting next to you in a strange situation calling the business shady; it probably is. Lesson learned, hope its helpful.

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  • Si
      20th of Feb, 2011

    Sigh...Thats interesting about interviewing with the president... It sort of makes the scam real. Why would the president have time to interview all day, everyday, with out any prescreening or pre-interview process? And, if that's the the top of the promotion list-i really don't want to go thru all this time working without pay, if the payoff is to sit in a cheap office and cheaper suit, interviewing and hiring people that will be on board for a few weeks, if that. For a legitimate Co, this turnover would close an office...unless it is a scam, and the turnover is needed to make money. Either way, i wasted my time. Went to the first interview ...should have done my research first. I had no idea. Im so mad at myself for giving them a day. When they offered me a 2nd interview/shadow day...I decided to check in to it. Here a was thinking they must have really been impressed with my resume-to schedule my interview with the owner... oh wow. I totally understand now. This is definitely a scam company. Thanks for starting this complaint. Ashley Allen, really, you should be ashamed!

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  • Pi
      24th of Feb, 2011

    Instead of posting complaints about complaints board, Ashley...why dont you prove how much money your employees are asked to spend, then prove how much they make. There should be a legal way of doing this, without exposing personal information, if you have a legitimate Co. ...How many employees have been hired, and trained(even if it was for one day), and quit, in the past year. 100's? How many times have you changed the Co.'s name, and why? How many offices have you occupied in 12 months? why do you need to move to a different office when you do a name change? How many employees are receiving the Aflac you advertise on your website... Are the employees in the DC suburb all the same as Moxy Marketing, MMI, Keen, or what ever you actually call yourself today in Pitts, Why isn't Paula a president yet, wasn't she promoted to RUN her own office, isn't that what its all about? WHY DO YOU ADVERTISE YOUR POSITIONS AS A 'MARKETING' career opportunity? You specialize in training salesmen! Sales-Nothing more! BE HONEST-CHANGE YOUR TERMINOLOGY, AND PEOPLE WILL STOP POSTING!!! It doesn't make SENSE to be labeled an 'executive' at a business, and beat the pavement for hours, days, weeks on end. Can you stop with the ridiculous promotion/position terms? It's childish. ...Complaining about complaints board is the least of your have like 20 interviews tomorrow! Don't forget your cleavage! lol
    ...oh, and maybe try to be a professional, and dont have the last word when an employee graciously decides to leave your silly Co...& then, pay up, so those same people don't stay irritated with you for months, while feeling the need to get information to the unemployed, via websites like this-just a though.

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  • Pi
      26th of Feb, 2011

    Ok, Ashley Allen wrote a message to was a pile of lies...I will not respond to her directly.

    Ashley, you stated you have no idea who owns Moxy Marketing, or Keen, etc. ...are you really denying that you were running a Co. named Moxy Marketing? and Keen Marketing? and you didn't just change the name ...again, to MMI Marketing??? ...and you didn't move locations? not once of three times this year??? why lie, why even read these complaints;you will never stop your shady practices, or the whole scam will dry up...there is nothing you can do, BUT stop advertising jobs, pack up the office, and don't unpack it again! Go get a real job, and end this scam! ...even go back to Florida-where you did so well moving up thru the ranks...

    It is a little interesting that Paula Silveria, aka Paula Fernendez, is the 'president' of East Coast Marketing(running the same scam as Ashley)...but also has the time to be the 'manager' working just under the president at Red F., a different Cydcor office in MD. These promotions are ridiculous! Even when you get your own office, you still need the income as an office manager at a different marketing Co, within the same Co.(cydcor)!!! Where is the reasoning? She's been in this circle for what ...5 years?!? has made it to the pinnacle, and still needs two jobs... This is sad. Your screwing yourself too Ashley. No president of a successful Co. would need to respond to negative posts online. Reasonable business owners take the complaints as a learning opp, change some things if needed, or take it with a grain of salt. Your Co. can't change or take a suggestion because...duh, you wouldn't be scamming people, hence no money for over.

    You wrote to me: you are not running a sales Co. but, 'an opportunity Co.'... lol

    Ashley, please don't send anymore emails to me. Your lies are your problem, and you keep at it. But, if you stop, you will be out of a job. So, someone's got to do it right? Fine, be the business, but lying more and more is just feeding my need to post more of your lies. Like i said, unemployed Pittsburgh should know-your Co. IS A SCAM. End of story.

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  • Ju
      10th of Mar, 2011

    Red F Inc. is a scam too. Even, the same scam, actually the EXACT same! They are using the same donation bit for Operation Smile that MMI Marketing uses. It makes me so angry!!! It is disturbing that the Operation Smile organization: either doesn't know these Co's are using them to appear legitimate, or that they don't care if so many peoples lives are destroyed while these Co's make them a cent-while skimming off the top and pocketing for themselves-Im sure!!! I just might get motivated to contact the ORG myself over this issue!

    The president at Red F. sounds the same as Ashley Allen is to this Co. He thinks he is can flirt with anything that not gay, so that did not work on me. Never would i work in these conditions, if in the end of my 10years of paycheck to paycheck, I end up at the top-interviewing all day-trying to get some idiot to believe my ###. Deric is the kind of ### that thinks he's ...worldly. ha. He is the epitome of suburban.

    Good luck in your job search everyone! STAY CLEAR OF RED F INC-IT IS A EMPLOYMENT SCAM! I wouldn't apply to Co's using the Operation Smile Scam either. I think it is a good way to connect these Co's, there are many using this same tactic.

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  • Bi
      24th of Mar, 2011

    OMG these people are horrible! Everything stated on here is true! Too bad I wasted a day. I googled after the interview...never again! Always google a Co., because you might end up a real f'ing loser working for a bigger one. The 'manager'(this women is not a president of a Co.) Ashley Allen is exactly what has been written about her. The 3 others waiting for interviews, were too smart for this place too. We all decided that we would not be working there...then, I read all these posts...I absolutely will forget this horrible scam of a job...right now!

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  • St
      24th of Mar, 2011

    I am cracking up at these people that work for this company. The jobs are out there!!! Just search more and take a couple part time jobs to keep income flowing until you find your career..STAY AWAY FROM THIS PLACE!!!

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  • Sh
      5th of Apr, 2011

    Ark Marketing Consultants
    1341 N Delaware Ave Suite 206
    Philadelphia Pennsylvania 19125
    Phone: 215-634-1504
    Does the same bull, dang mlm schemes all over the place
    UNLESS you are interested in working door-to-door sales for commission pay with no mileage reimbursement (driving for outside sales), do not submit your resume and interview with any independent Cydcor affiliates.

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  • Mi
      22nd of Apr, 2011

    I interviewed with Moxy Marketing about six months ago, and everything posted here about this company, which is now called MMI marketing, is true. I was lucky enough to be alerted to the scam by my parents so I never went back for the 12-hour "shadowing" day. Even before I read the plethora of complaints about Moxy Marketing, many aspects of the company and hiring process seemed very suspicious to me. Please don't fall for this scheme or any of the other schemes preying on recent marketing grads! Even if you do make it a few months I'm sure some of your future employers will be aware of the reputation of this is probably not something you want on your resume.

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  • Ti
      9th of Jul, 2011

    MMI marketing or Millionaire Mindset Inc or Moxy Marketing Inc are all the same. This position is door-to-door or business-to-business, it is commission only and you will be lied to about many things while working there. First off there is no salary at all, if you are promised training pay it is a lie a new hire has to sell multiple accounts to receive any type of reimbursement. You are also instructed not to deduct federal income tax because the commission only job allows you to deduct all of your expenses and you get paid 50 cents per mile, this is not true and you will owe money to the United States Government and I.R.S. if you do this. The typical work day is 12 hours and the average person makes 300 hundred dollars a week before expenses. You are required to be in the office at 8 am for two hours of pep rallies and are NOT paid for this in anyway. If you refuse you cannot work there you will be fired, you work out in public for 8 more hours soliciting business from a different area every day. People will call the police on you and you will be yelled at and threatened. If you complain to your bosses which all report to ASHLEY ALLEN you will be told you are too sensitive. Behind closed doors ASHLEY ALLEN, CHRIS REY and the revolving door of subjects that changes every week will all try to make you feel like you are a friend then take all of your time outside of work so you have no life anymore. They slickly ask you to pay for everything you do outside of work including TEAM NITES that are required every week where you buy your own meal and have to sit and listen to ASHLEY ALLEN and CHRIS REY try to further convince you that you’re their friend. The truth is all they care about is hiring more and more people so that if anyone quits they have a replacement. Unfortunately 90% of the people that start this job quit within a month once they are financially too broke to continue driving hours every day without any pay. They will tell you that they work with FORTUNE 100 and FORTUNE 500 companies and corporations such as VERIZON, INTUIT, DIRECT ENERGY, AT&T, T-MOBILE and others but do not be fooled these companies allow these marketing houses to sell their services as INDEPENDENT AGENTS and they will not recognize that these types of companies exist if you contact them. The big corporations take no responsibility for any of their actions and do not have any say in the way they conduct their offices legally or illegally. There are numerous laws for example that MMI has broken in the state of Pennsylvania most namely employment statutes that are in the process right now of being exposed. ASHLEY ALLEN routinely commits fraud and orders her employees to unknowingly comply and alter contracts and fraudulently impersonate people who have quit working there all to make more and more money off the backs of others illegitimately. VERIZON is investigating the accusations as we speak and the STATE of PENNSYLVANIA bureau of labor has assigned an investigator to solely prosecute MMI Inc. Do not work there unless you intend on being called as a witness to a criminal or civil cases against ASHLEY ALLEN and CHRIS REY or even possibly incur charges against yourself for your part in the illegalities that occur there every day.

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  • Ne
      27th of Jul, 2011

    OMG OMG OMG! Thank you all so much for these postings. My second interview with MMI was scheduled for Monday and I will be canceling it in 5 minutes! I knew it had to be a scam because I didn't even finish college and yet I was sitting beside 40 and 50 something year olds with Masters Degrees in the waiting room, not logical. First off, did anyone notice how they don't even have a real sign on the office door? Its a paper taped to the window that says MMI. Leads me to believe they do change the name often. Secondly, the "hip secretary" dressed so unapropriately that I immediately doubted this place. I could see most of her boobs and she came off as someone who would never be hired for a real professional atmosphere. My biggest clue that this place was fake is because I didn't understand what the job was at all when I applied, had no clue when I interviewed, and still have no clue headed to a second interview. I bullcrapped every question and so did Ashley. I'm soooo glad I found out the truth before I bought a new suit for this interview. Sheesh! Wish I could alert more people.

    FYI- Most craigslist jobs are fakes as well. Seriously.

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  • Jo
      29th of Nov, 2011

    Thanks for all of you guys! I supposed to have an interview but I missed it, and I'll NOT reschedule another one with them after reading all your comments! I found the company suspicious because on their "fancy" website, they don't say anything about their work. And also, their website is only one page! It looks so weird for a real company... Thank god let me miss the interview!

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  • Jo
      29th of Nov, 2011

    BTW, I found this job through Pitt FutureLink! It's an internal job seeking system for Pitt students! Crazy...

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  • Jd
      2nd of Jan, 2012

    Why don't we all get together and picket the place? Get this place some real attention.

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  • Mm
      8th of Jan, 2012

    This is an example of a want-to-be professional's website. Ashley Allen is a sick person. She is addicted to drugs, and not the scrips. She has a sexual problem-she tries to tangle the vulnerable men she hires into her sex life. Making them feel trapped, either loose this job-which in all cases they have worked so hard for and havent been compensated..., or just lower yourself to her sexual needs...Many occasions this has happened- these men feel trapped, if they dont have sex with her-they will never get paid. For some men in serious financial trouble-sex with a nasty person in exchange for the paycheck that will keep him from foreclosure-is a small price to pay. UNTILL, that sexual pressure doesn't stop, AND you never get paid anyway!!! All i can say is HPV and don't work for Ashley Allen or any of the cydcor offices/scams. Moxy Marketing, MMI marketing, Keen Marketing, East coast innovations, ARK, Red F...the list is 100's long... This is a nationwide scam, also in Canada. Ashley Allen is a criminal. You have been warned!

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  • Ha
      25th of Feb, 2012

    I knew this place was a scam the minute I called them back and they scheduled an interview for the first possible moment I could get there. I then noticed the email was from [protected]@mmimarketing. Who doesn't have there own personalized email when working for a profitable company it what first came to my mind. I then had my wife apply and she got the same exact email I got, lmao. These types of scams are what ruin people and Ashley and her whole team of scam artist should all be prosecuted. I was going to call to cancel my interview but I don't even want to waste my time. For anyone looking for a job, FYI you'll make more as a dishwasher then working or a company like this!!!

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  • Al
      20th of Mar, 2012

    It appears this company has changed names AGAIN, you should also beware of a company called Azurii, they have the same address as MMI and I can only assume the same problems! I can say I won't be responding to the email I got!

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  • An
      9th of Apr, 2012

    Applied for this job 2 days ago and received a email today congratulating me for being offered an preliminary interview!

    What kind of company does this?

    Also email included directions that said:

    "Make a right turn here, and make only ONE turn at the intersection, park here and walk here."
    It almost feel's like they have someone tailing you.

    Final point:
    I'm crazy enough to go into the interview tomorrow just to mess with them in the most obscene ways. Anyone willing to join me?

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  • To
      10th of Apr, 2012

    I did the first interview, second day job shadow and was "the one" they chose to hire out of many qualified candidates. Everyone seemed plenty nice to me but definitely a scam for sure! I politely declined but don't regret going.. What an eye opener!

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  • Pu
      7th of Jun, 2012

    Just an FYI,
    Keen Marketing Solutions Inc
    201 Penn Center Blvd, Ste 400
    Pittsburgh, PA 15235
    are now called ENPRISE MARKETING GROUP.

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  • St
      12th of Jul, 2012

    I interviewed a MMI and Driven Marketing Solutions. Ashley Allen told me she had some affiliation with DMS. I brought it up to the manager at DMS and she got offensive about a simply question. It turns out DMS is the same structure as MMI, but it's B2B. I know this is repetitive, but college grads, you just invested almost 80-100 k in your education. MMI, DMS or any related structured company is a complete waste of your time. They will tell you anything under the sun to get you to bite. Your all better than this.

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  • Th
      24th of Jul, 2012

    I found them fishy the moment I found their e-mail in my Inbox saying they found my résumé on CareerBuilder, called me a couple days later and then the day I called them back said they had an interview opening (first interview) at 10:45AM. (So, from finding my résumé, to calling me and scheduling the interview and then going to the interview when it would be scheduled later this week, the process took only about 3 days.) The next thing that made me very suspicious is the companies e-mail that I got the first e-mail from about the position. It was a gmail account. Never in my life have I seen a company use a gmail account as a company headquarters/companies e-mail provider. They have always used a "corperate" e-mail ([protected], etc.). The third thing that made me extremely suspicious is that the number that I was given to call was for a switchboard type service line in Boston (508 area code) when the job offered to me was in Rockville and when they asked me to "hold" I got hung up on (home cordless switched off after 4 rings to dial tone and there was no silence as there would be for a hold without music or any hold music) and they swore they didn't hang-up on me and that I disconnected. How often do cordless phones disconnect?! Then when I called them to schedule the 10:45AM interview on Thursday I was given a totally fake address and when I called them back they told me a proper one which was to Red F Inc DC (a totally fake sounding company which I researched and thus I am here reading this artical which confirmed my suspicions/assumptions)!!! I then discovered a confirmation e-mail for the appointment that said, "However, if you are stuck in traffic and/or unable to attend please call and let us know in advance to cancel or reschedule. Our hiring manager has a very tight schedule and tries to keep it as organized as possible." That's all well and good, but don't they know about the laws against calling and texting while driving?!?!?! Oh, and another thing, that how will we know how far in advance we will get hit with bad traffic to re-schedule?!?!?!?! The other things that made me suspicious on the confirmation e-mail were that the e-mail account that they used to send me the confirmation e-mail was the same g-mail account used for the previous e-mail, the person they told me that would be interviewing me didn't have a last name listed and the number given to me was only a cellular phone number and there were no local work numbers/address/website/etc. listed for the company to find out how legitimate it was and the only other numbers listed were at the bottom of the page and were the same 508 (Boston area code telephone/fax numbers) that I had been given before and it had said Ithat those were his office and fax numbers and the local address given for the office (with was the same one for Red F Inc. DC this time), other than the fact that they have down street instead of dr because there is no "wxyz street" in the area, it is only "wxyz drive" and apparently the fake ###s have been brainwashed so badly that they believe "street" and "drive" are the same exact thing!!! As everyone has been saying, THESE COMPANIES/PEOPLE ARE INFINITE PERCENT SHMUCKS, UPSTARTS, LIARS, SCAM ARTISTS, ETC. and should NEVER be even blinked upon!!! I mean SERIOUSLLY, who would offer an Account Manager position as an entry level position and say you need NO EXPERIENCE to quailify?!?!?! You need at least 3 years in a related field and some college or atleast 4-5 years and a diploma/GED to make it an entry level post, (even though that post is supposed to be a training post for higher level marketing posts and an entry level, barely any experience required post). You still need at least a year or two in office type settings, another 2-3 doing any type of work that involved working with someone in any management type position (whether it be working along side a teacher, being an overseer of disabled people putting together packets and reporting to a supervisor should there be issues and also being an aide to the workers and helping them fix their mistakes, clerical/reception work that required you to pay attention to details and report to a supervisor for approvals on anything from making 3 times as sure that they gave you everything you needed to make up proper reports for them with their specifications to being able to work confidantly under them and learn what it's like to work under preasure and to make sure you get all of the notes they need at meetings so your boss can get a sense of how strong of a partner you are and learn proper thinking and analytical verbal and written skills, be an addministrative assistant (if qualified), etc.) BEFORE MOVING ON TO ANY MORE "IN-DEPTH" MANAGEMENT ROLE, like the one I was offered (Account Manager) and some sales experience would be a plus too and I don't just mean working retail at Target or Walgreens!!! Listing that you need to do nothing to get a job that requires so much experience for an entry level post is another example of how much BS the company is!!! Anyway, that's the end of my rant and I won't be going to my interview on Thursday and I will be tying up my cell with other much more importiant calls so if they try and reach me they can't and if they e-mail me to complain about me not showing up I'll tell them off for being FAKES!!! ROTFLMDFASAO!!!

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  • Ab
      25th of Aug, 2012

    1. No one in this thread uses the spell check therefore you are lazy pieces of ### and probably can't cut it at a business like MMI doing door to door.
    2. Make your own decisions people. If you believe everything you read on the Internet you would think Bigfoot exists.
    Nothing in this post is even remotely true. You may now say I'm brainwashed and sit in your house with your cats wearing tin foil hats so the government can't read your mind.

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  • Do
      16th of Oct, 2012

    Hey, is this Ashley Allen a hot chick? Might want to meet her for a night or two...

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  • Jo
      29th of Oct, 2012

    MMI and Keen Marketing are two completely different companies. MMI stole a business name from a company in Monroeville. Don't believe everything you read. Keen Marketing/Enprise Marketing are not affiliated with Ashley Allen at all. Get your facts correct.

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  • An
      16th of Nov, 2012

    I must say I agree with the negative posts above. I strongly discourage anyone to waste their time applying and interviewing with this company. It is such a shame to see an organization like this praying on young college graduates trying to get an entry level job. This in no way a marketing company, it is a door to door sales job. You are expected to go door to door and sell a product. If you try to dig into what the company does in your initial interview they will avoid your questions. What type of company wouldn't want you to have all of the facts before making a decision about taking a job with them? A bad company. Imagine parking your car at one edge of the street and then going to each business trying to get them to change their phone/internet service. Sound awful? Add the Pittsburgh snow and it becomes beyond awful. Check out their Facebook, which professional company would every put pictures of their employees drinking and rubbing on each other? This isn't a good company, you can do better than this company.

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