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MMCA / Worst customer service

1 PO Box 6014Cypress, CA, United States
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2 months ago I sent out a check like I do every month, and they seemed to have lost my money. I called my bank to see if my check was sent, and they stated to me it was sent to them on time and MMCA should have received it. MMCA told me I need to make a payment so my account does not go late. I stated to them that I had made payment and confirmed with my bank and that I will fax them the records to show proof. They stated to me I should make a payment just to make sure. I told them I can not afford to make a double payment in one month, but they told me I should anyway. I'm assuming they found their mistake, because the next month my balance was normal. They never contacted me to tell me they found the check. That was one of many incidents that MMCA has done.

On December 4, 2007 2:58pm Nancy (last name not used) called from MMCA, im assuming pseudo name because everyone at MMCA that I have spoken to has a common last name such as Smith, Roberts, Wilson, etc.. with foreign accents. I explained the situation that I have talked to 3 people that have said their manager approved an extension I asked for and I was told to send in 50 dollar payment which I did on November 14. I also told her, I received a phone call last Friday and talked to a man named Gary (last name not used), supposedly a manager. He stated that my account has been denied an extension and there was nothing he could at this point. I was very frustrated and we argued on the phone for about an hour and half it seemed. I tried to explain to him that 3 people from MMCA has stated to me that the extension was approved and I was good to go. He said, he was sorry they stated this to me, but they are wrong. He told me his manager denied it and I was not able to talk to anyone else in this matter. He then said if I made a payment on December 7, I will not be in late status.. we argued some more and I stated this will still put me behind and affect my credit due to their mistake. The argument continued and we were both getting very frustrated which ended in unsettled conclusion... I told him it was horrible customer service and that 3 managers approved my extension and now 2 weeks later it was denied by one? Sorry, but here in America when a company gives you confirmation, they can not go back on their word and say they made a mistake.. because of their mistake, my credit will suffer?. Today I received the phone call from Nancy (last name not used) from MMCA stating that I still owed money.. right after the guy I talked to on friday said "no one will call you again in this matter.." I told Nancy the whole story and a couple of minutes later she told me her manager approved an extension, and this will be taken care of. Knowing MMCA, I will get a phone call tomorrow and will have to deal with this situation again, like I have been doing every other day for the last 3 weeks. MMCA is the worst customer service I have ever dealt with. A couple of words come to mind: horrible, rude, disrespectful, and incompetent service.

Also.. I find it very rude when trying to make a payment, they say why couldn't I get the money? Why can't I borrow the money from somebody? RUDE!!! They want details... not just an explanation. That is my personal business and by stating im having financial difficulty should be enough, they don't need to know my personal business. Get your act together!


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