MKR Delayed till after Easter / Delays of TV shows

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I am sick to death of your channel delaying shows e.g. the shows never run on time there is generally 5 minutes of ads and then 2 minutes of show plus to top it off the recent addition of MKR to our screens has been great but to delay it by a week until after Easter is not good enough particularly to take it off and replace with Border Security (which was on last night), RSPCA and Dynamo the Magician is an absolute insult. I work in a 700+ contact centre and the first thing that is discussed every morning is what happened on MKR the night before and to top it off you have great pleasure in showing us the ads for next week leaving the WHOLE country in suspense for a week is not good enough lets hope your programmers are coping flack at home too as well as via your complaints department...very poor form channel 7!!! The perfect way to lose viewers!!!

Mar 24, 2013
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      Apr 17, 2014

    I agree - I think this is a shoddy way to treat viewers. I lost a lot of interest in the show when Carly and Tresne were eliminated as it left the young girls as the only team I felt some ethos for, but I did tune back in after a week away. Now that the show has been postponed for two weeks I have completely lost interest and feel insulted by channel 7 that they think it is okay to screw viewers like this.

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