Mk Ultra, Echelon Satellite / Psycological harrasement by cops using satellite

1 San Leandro, CA, United States

I'm a victim of psycological harrasement by the cops in the San Leandro, Ca area. The tactics they use are way to complicated to discribe but I found a web site that explanins everything that has been that has been happening to me. I being psycologically tortured by these people.

Heres the web address:

I really need help!

Anything you can do to help me get these people off me will be greatly appreciated. By the way, they will lie like hell to keep me on this project so please don't believe anything they say. They are absolutely in it to win it with there own way of doing things and don't mind circumventing the law. I think there a bunch of corrupt cops running they're own brand of law enforcement through Satellite technology and a psycological warfar program called MK Ultra.

This is all really happening and I need your help.

Thank you for this web site and I hope to here from you.

John Behr
Ph: [protected]


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