I am an adult white female, age 38. On Thursday, 15 January 2015, at about 11h00 I went to the Witbank Provincial Hospital to visit my sister-in-law and her newborn baby whom have been hospitalised. I met with my brother at the entrance as I didn’t know my way around the hospital. He took me to the ward where my sister-in-law was admitted to. Visitors’ hour is from 11h00 to 12h00 (midday). The ward Doctor came around 12h00 as I was about to leave. The doctor alleged that she was going to discharge my sister-in-law now. My brother asked the doctor if it is fine if we wait for her in the ward, the Doctor replied yes and then we waited. The ward sister was also aware of the arrangement.
After a few seconds when the doctor had just left, an adult black male security officer/guard barged into the ward and instructed us in an impolite manner to leave. “Out-out-out, time over!!!” My brother did try to explain to him what the Doctor said, but he did not give him a chance to say even a word. I saw that my brother was getting angry because he could not get this security officer to listen to him, I told my brother I will speak nicely to him. I asked the security officer: “Sir, can I please say something?” He just ignored me. He just carried on and on by saying “Out, out, out!!!” I again asked him “Sorry sir, what is your name? I would like to explain to you why we are still here”. Then he shouted at me with the following swearing word: “Vok”. Even the ward sister told him “No” when he used that word at me. She asked my brother who am I, he told her that I am his sister and him and I told her that I am the one that will be taking them home because they do not have a car. She said: “Okay”.
I then walked towards the security guard where he was standing at the ward door and tried to explain to him why we are still here and asked him again what his name is and why he is so rude to us and swearing at me? I told him I would like to take it up with his Supervisor because he is not treating us nicely. He then walked away, I then walked with him and I had my cellphone in my hand. As I was still trying to ask him why he is being so rude to us and ask for his name again, he pulled me by my right forearm and said the “Vok...Vok...Vok...” –word several times to me. I then tried to take a photo of him with my cellphone but did not manage. Seeing what I was trying to do, he came towards me and bumped me on my upper-body and grabbed me on my throat. I was so scared and managed to pull myself off. I really thought that we were on our way to his superior.
I then try again to take a picture as he refuses to give his name and he was not wearing any name tag except for the company emblem that was embroidered/printed on his clothes. He then kicked me on my left leg and I lost balance and fell on the floor in the passageway. Immediately after I stood up I managed to get a photo of him. He was pointing at me say the “Vok”-word again. I asked why he is so rude to me. He then spit me with a lot of spit in my hair, face and upper body. Now I really got afraid and just wanted to get to the Main Gate where the rest of the security guards are.
I managed eventually to get my path to the Main gate. I told the security lady there that one of their people assaulted me and showed the photo to them so that they can identify him to me, but they said they don’t know his name. I asked for the Supervisor. The next moment before they could assist me he (the Security Officer that attacked me) was there in front of me and grabbed me on my throat, none of his colleagues tried to rescue me from him or assisted me. He said why did I shoot him, I said I didn’t shoot him, I took a photo of him because he is so rude and assaulted me and he refuses to give his name to me. He pulled me by my arms away from the security at the gate and repeatedly said to me “Vok...Vok...Vok...Vok”. As he was still busy shouting at me I managed to pull myself off him but I can’t remember how, as I started to feel dizzy. An unknown white male in a Bakkie called me and said I must take his number and name as he is my witness, he saw what happened at the gate, and there was a little boy with him in the Bakkie. I cried at that stage and thanked him and quickly went to my car to drive to the Police Station. Meanwhile I spoke to my brother as well when he phoned to hear where I was, and I told him the security guard attacked me. He came running out but I told him rather not to go and speak to this security guard as he is violent. My brother said that his Mother –in-law will fetch them now and I can go to the Police Station to open a case against this Security Guard. When I started my car I saw a Police Van coming into the Hospital’s premises. I parked close to them, but the African Police Lady told me that unfortunately they can’t do anything for me as they are from Kriel and not Witbank, I must phone 10111 so that Witbank can send a van to assist. I told her that I will rather go to the Police Station myself.
I took off and at the boom gate where I had to pass to go out an African Security Lady came to me and asked what I am going to do with the situation. I said to her I am going to lay a charge against him. I showed her the picture and asked her what is his name and she said she does not know him. I asked her to take a picture of the Security Company’s logo on her clothes and she showed me a poster on the wall with the logo with an elephant of Mjayeli Security Services and their contact numbers. The Lady Security Officer alleged that she will go through the books in the office to check who the Security Guy is. She asked me not to lay a charge as he will lose his job, I told her I don’t care, someone like him does not deserve such a job as Security are there to protect people, not to assault them. She asked me again not to lay a charge and rather just speak to his Manager with the number on the poster. She went then into the office and the other Security Officer instructed me to park outside and wait there for the information. I waited and wait and the lady security did not pitch up and I told my brother that I am leaving now and that I am going straight to the Police Station now to lay the charge.
I didn’t know the name of the Security Officer whom assaulted me but will be able to identify him when I see him as I have a photo on my phone of him. All I know is that he is working at MJAYELI SECURITY SERVICES.

MJAYELI security services Witbank

Jan 17, 2015

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