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Good day,

I was in a motorcycle accident on the 25th of September 2016. I was moved from the accident scene by ambulance to Lephalale Mediclinic where radiographs were taken which confirmed that my left femur was fractured. Thereafter I was transferred to Unitas Hospital by a ER24 ambulance for further treatment.

I was operated on the 26th of September 2016 by Dr. Neels Prinsloo around 20:30 that evening. A pin was installed for reduction and better union of the fractured leg.

A few days after the operation I requested another set of radiographs. The radiographs revealed a split femur with one bone showing a significant gap.

Attached is the radiographs taken on the day of the accident. The radiographic report states a spiral fracture in the proximal shaft. The rest of the bone was intact.

I believe the proper procedure was not followed to prevent the femur to split during the insertion of the pin. The doctor performing the procedure noticed the femur split during the operation and still left it as is leaving a large gap between two bone fragments.

Another set of radiographs were taken today which shows no union or growth on the top bone fragments. A revision of the fixation is now required for reduction and union.

This medical negligence left me with tremendous amount of pain, delayed recovery and the requirement for another operation.

My Member details are as follows:
Marthinus Johannes de la Guerre
Date of birth: 1978-09-23
ID nr: [protected]
Membership number: [protected]

Please advise on the way forward - I plan to report this to the medical board HPCSA

Your swift response on this will be highly appreciated.

Best regards,
MJ de la Guerre
Ph. [protected]
email: [protected]

MJ de la Guerre
MJ de la Guerre
MJ de la Guerre
MJ de la Guerre
MJ de la Guerre
MJ de la Guerre
MJ de la Guerre
MJ de la Guerre
MJ de la Guerre

Nov 08, 2016

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