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Mitchell N. Kaye PC / Bill collection practices

1 7 Penn Plaza, 18th FloorNew York city, NY, United States

I went to my bank to withdraw my rent money about three weeks ago and found there was a hold on my account by Mitchell N. Kaye PC for a bill from 1991. When I called the agency, I was told it was in judgement so they had 20 years to put the hold. Why now with the economy so bad? I had moved from the address where the original summons in 1992 was sent and never received it so I didn't know anything was going on. I don't dispute the debt and realize I made a mistake, but when I tried to rectifiy it with this agency, they refused to budge. I offered to make a payment plan and was told no, how could they trust me. (all this with the disreputable reputation they have). Then I pleaded for them to garnish my salary instead as my rent was due, and I was discourteously told that I wasn't going to be able to pay my rent because they weren't going to take the hold off. I was asked several times to borrow the money from family or friends to pay off the debt. Then, I was told to wait until Friday when my paycheck was directly deposited and then they might make a deal when they saw how much was in my account. Needless to say, after investigating them, I wasn't going to let them get my money so I stopped my direct deposit. As of this day, November 1, 2008, they still have my money held. I don't understand why if someone is willing to make a plan and pay, they have to be so cruel. They have $12oo of my money tied up.

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