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Misty Rock Receptionist / Misbehaviour

1 GundlepetKarnataka, India
Contact information:
Phone: +91 8229 223331

Rude and very rigid behaviour of the Receptionist (Misty Rock Hotel, Gundlupet) :

I stayed in this Hotel for 2 days (from 23rd May, 2015 to 25th May, 2015). I know it is a not a very expensive hotel and how much I should expect with the services. So I don't want to raise any other issue. But Behaviour is something which is a very basic thing in service industry. One can ignore the warmth in the service, less tasty food, lizard in the room wall, delay in service, cleanliness (because it was just a two days stay), but No One can ignore rude behaviour (when you have not done anything wrong or misbehaved). The behaviour of this Receptionist was terribly annoying. I don't know why he did so ?

While checking out I asked him for the final bill which he gave. I checked the bill and inquired why the breakfast is included here as it should be complimentary. He denied in a very rude tone that breakfast is not complimentary. I asked him again that can you check it again because according to my knowledge it should be complimentary. This time he replied in more Rude Tone and was not paying attention to me. I asked him that why he is getting rude to me and he said - You just pay the bill and breakfast is not included.
I said I'm not taking about Breakfast, that I'll check with But you tell me why are you getting Rude. He completely ignored by words and showed me that he is not listening and busy in some other paper work.
I asked him to tell his Name and the give me the Number of the Hotel Manager. He denied me to tell his name and the Manager's number as well.
It was a shocker for me that how a person from the service industry behave like this. I managed to get the Manager's number from Internet and Called him. He Said that he'll call me back and disconnected. I called him again but he disconnected and after some time texted me that he is driving.

After some time I received a call from a unknown number asking me for Dr. Victor. I said wrong number and my name is Parmeesh Kumar. She took some name who gave her my number and she was calling me regarding Misty Rock hotel booking.
I informed her that I'm already staying in the same hotel and checking out also I informed about the Receptionist's behavioural issue and asked her to give any higher authority number or the Hotel owner's number. She assured me that she is going to raise this matter and call back again.
After some minutes she called and gave me a number of Hotel's MD (Mr. Rishu). I called him and explained the same for which he apologized and assured me to take care of this matter and call me back.
He called the Receptionist on the reception's phone, conversation was in some local language which I don't understand. Receptionist gave him his side of story.
MD called me back, apologized again and said that he had some words with the receptionist. He said that I don't need to pay for the breakfast.
I told him that I've not spent last 1 hour just to save couple of hundreds of Rupees. I'm raising all this because your receptionist disrespected me without any reason. You should take some action for the same. He replied, " I know, we have several complains like this but the problem which we are facing is - we are not getting good people in this Hotel's area.
I said that I'll not take this, and don't want any favour of couple of hundreds. I'm going to make the full payment (including breakfast - as I checked with which was not complimentary). But I'm not satisfied with the resolution.

Even after all this I hardly see any change in the attitude of the Receptionist. He said to not pay the Breakfast bill and said sorry again without feeling nothing (just to complete his task given by Hotel's MD).

FEEDBACK : Mr. Owner its not a customer's problem that you are not getting any good hirings. There are numerous of Management / Hotel Management institutions in India. If you are willing to hire, you can hire staff from anywhere.
You can't leave your customers in disgrace with this immature resolution.

May 26, 2015

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