[Resolved] Missouri Gas EnergyBilling complaint

I had to close a bank account and get a new one, and set up my account so that they had my current bank account. However, some how they had my new account and my old bank account and were trying to withdraw my monthly electronic bill from both. So while I was still actually paying my bill, they charged me $15 because when they also tried to take payment from old account it was bounced back.. then when I called to see why I was charged $15 when I paid my bill, I found out that somehow both bank accounts were still on the account.. so I worked with a woman on the phone to get the old account off and to keep the new bank account on... however next billing cycle they had some how taking new bank account off and kept the closed bank account on.. when I called to see why my payment hadn't came out I found this out.. and they said there was nothing they could do to help me that I would be charged $15 if my payment bounced back even though this mistake was on their end from the previous phone call.. absolutely ZERO customer service, I have been a faithful payer and they have only done everything they can to screw me over and charge me more.

  • Resolution statement

    A manager of Missouri Gas called and apologized and issued me a credit for the mistakes. I am much happier with this outcome.

Jan 18, 2017

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