Missoula Nissan / 2015 nissan frontier

I moved to Missoula this past fall, decided to downsize from my F150 and ended up buying a new 2015 Nissan Frontier.

I looked at small pickups offered by Toyota, Chevy, GMC and Nissan. Only at the Chevy dealership did the male hierarchy truly listen to what this cowgirl wanted, treat me with respect and hear that my highest priority was a standard transmission.

I ended up buying an automatic from Nissan when the salesman lead me to believe it was my only option. A few days later, I saw the Nissan dealer in Bozeman offered a five-speed Nissan Frontier for sale. Ever since, feelings of buyer’s remorse insidiously return, especially after each of three distressing visits to Nissan with no satisfaction about poor gas mileage performance.

Then on my fourth visit to the dealership on March 16th, I took my new 2015 Nissan Frontier into Nissan & Hyundai of Missoula for its first oil change at 4100 miles. I also had them address three items of concern: a minor item, a crooked front license plate bracket which they fixed; item two, the matter of false advertising— the poor mileage I have gotten since my purchase, starting at 9 mpg and sometimes 19 on the highway; and my item of utmost concern, my front brakes pull to the right.

I may have to live with the front brakes pulling to the right as the incredible run-around I got on that one, was too ignorant and offensive to believe. But of course after I have an auto accident from this defect, I will have grounds to sue.

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