Mission University Place ApartmentsPoor customer service and they'll take your money in the end!

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Mission University Place
9201 Glenwater Dr
Charlotte, NC 28262

My fiancee and I lived at Mission University Place Apartments from July 2006 to July 2007. From the beginning, the customer service from the management office was poor. When our application was sent to be processed, they claimed that their computer system was down, so what should have been a day long process took over a week to approve us for the apartment. It was only after my fiancee call the regional office that our paperwork was processed for the apartment. When we arrived in Charlotte to sign the lease, the manager would not even come out of the office to speak to us, even though we had spoken to her on the phone several times. During the course of our stay at the apartment, we had to call numerous times to have certain things fixed and no one would respond to our service requests for weeks at a time. One specific repair was that the screen over the fan about our stove was covered in grease and was leaking onto the range. When I removed it to clean it, it would not fit back over the fan. We called for a maintenance request at LEAST 4 TIMES!!!. No one ever came to fix the range. We moved on 7/10/07 and were supposed to have a final inspection by the apartment manager. We waited for an hour and she never showed up. We were moving to a new state and could not wait any longer, so we left. 3 weeks later, when I was back in Charlotte, I checked on the status of our security deposit and was told that we were being charged $120 for guess what, the screen over the range, spots in the carpet, and a dirty tub. I informed them that the tub was perfectly clean, in fact, my fiancee almost choked from the bleach that he used to clean it. There was a spot in the carpet that needed cleaning, I could live with that, but not the four spots that they claimed to charge us for. I complained that we had called numerous times about the screen for the stove over the fan and Mission claimed they never received that request, even though I could name dates and people that I spoke with over the phone and in person about this issue. They tried to show us picture of the damage they were claiming, but the pictures were in black and white and you couldn't see any type of damage. We feel that there was a vendetta against us from day one because we contacted the regional office about the poor service given to us during the application process. In hindsight, we should have just moved somewhere else, but we already paid for an application fee that we couldn't get back and my fiancee was unemployed at the time, so money was an issue. However, this does not account for the shady treatment that we received from Mission University and the way we were dismissed by this apartment complex's management company, Mission Residential, who we contacted about the treatment that we were receiving. We paid our rent on time every month and were good neighbors and tenants. I hope anyone who is moving to Charlotte or living in Charlotte takes this information into account when looking for a place to live. No one should be discounted in such a manner as we were during our stay.

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  • Bb
      Sep 28, 2010

    I can certainly believe that. I lived at a different Mission property in Charlotte and it was pretty much the same story there. The way they handled things was ludacris to me. There was a group of young people that lived in an adjacent building. They were constantly having parties on weekends and throughout the week. They sold drugs out of their apartment. Gun shots would go off in the middle of the night. Several tennants cars were hit by bullets in the crossfire. Police were regularly being called out to this same building. Tennants complained. Tennants said they didnt feel like their children were safe. Children regularly are playing outdoors at about the time that the last gun fight occured. There were allot of children living in the area at the time. The people causing all the problems were never asked to leave though they clearly broke their lease continuously. Kids stopped being able to play outside. The icing on the cake for me was when I got ready to go to work in the morning and I had a sticker on my vehicle saying it was going to be towed in 2 days. I was not in compliance with my lease because my registration sticker on my car was a few days out of date. It wasn't even a month out of date. It was a couple days out of date because I had been working and been sick and hadn't completed the state inspection for the vehicle. So my vehicle should be towed for having a 3 day past due registration sticker but the tennants in the next building can party, sell drugs, and shoot at everyones cars??? Seriously?? Also in the summer time the pool was supposed to be open every day except one that they reserve for shocking and cleaning the pool. When I would walk to the pool to go swimming on the days it was supposed to be open it would be locked. I would ask why and it was either because no maintenance man was on site to open and close the pool or because they closed it due to there being too many people outside the pool. ??? I never understood that one either. I've lived in many different apartments. Never seen any so poorly managed.

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