Miss Bhutan Beauty PageantKarma Tshering of MPC Entertainment treats SDC badly

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We request you to read this complaint about the Miss Bhutan Beauty Pageant 2010 and Karma Tshering with an open mind.

Our company's name is Savio DSilva Classes. Our website is

We were appointed by a person in Bhutan called Karma Tshering who runs the Miss Bhutan Beauty Pageant.

We found Karma Tshering and his team of organisers of Miss Bhutan Beauty Pageant to be quite lazy, unprofessional and downright rude towards us.

We have read many other people who oppose this man Karma Tshering and his group for the way he is organising this pageant. Here are some of the forum posts on one website alone which oppose this beauty pageant for a myriad of reasons...

During the first 4 days of our training program, all the 18 final contestants of Miss Bhutan 2010 gave our trainers excellent feedback on camera.

On the other hand, we saw that they started the classes late every single day, did not even know how to set up a projector for certain lectures and sent the driver late to pick us up.

We had requested for a video copy of the last pageant held in 2008 which was won by a certain girl called Tshokey Tshomo Karchung. We did not receive this copy until the 4th day of the training program.

This video copy was converted by our head trainer himself into a MPEG file as the file size they gave us was 31GB.

We had even requested for a photo profile of each contestant to be given to us at least 1 week before the grooming session commenced but we are yet to receive the same.

The arrangements made for the catwalk training was poor. We had to conduct the catwalk training classes during the rains on the terrace of this building where the contestants lived.

Unlike other beauty pageants, here in Bhutan the contestants are made to stay in an isolated building in a residential area where there are hutments close by. There is no water provided during the day to this building.

However, we did not complain until the 5th day of the Miss Bhutan 2010 Grooming Session...

On the 5th day we were in for a real shock...

During the evening session, one contestant spoke up saying that we were demoralising them by stating that certain contestants won't win the crown of Miss Bhutan 2010.

This contestant also had the guts to say that we were discriminating against and demoralising them all.

She said that "Do you treat your students the same way in India."

All we said was that certain contestants are not suitable to be part of this pageant and won't win it.

Almost all of Bhutan and Asia agree with us on this statement so why call us rascists!

We decided to end our training program and walked out of the class that evening.

After 3 hours of us walking out of the class, the orgainser Karma Tshering came to our hotel to meet us.

What we were expecting was a sincere apology from him, his team and all the contestants for calling us rascists and for stating that we had demoralised some of them with our lectures.

Instead Karma Tshering stated that we should apologise to the contestants for what we did. He said that we were mental patients and weren't fit to conduct the training program.

We said that whatever he said was fine and we were leaving the country the next day. When we told him this he grew mad with rage and he threatened us saying he will harm us and not allow us to leave the country if we reveal any of this to the media.

He also said that if we did not continue with the training program then he would sue us for damages and make us pay for everything, right from the hotel rooms to the food ordered.

This is the way we were treated after he himself invited us to train these 18 contestants of Miss Bhutan 2010 since we are considered experts in the personality development and pageant coaching field.

Our head trainer Savio DSilva is a certified psychotherapist and counselor from Mumbai and has trained thousands of students from all over the world in the last decade.

We are ranked the best personality development course in Asia. Kindly type "personality development courses in Asia" to check our latest rankings on Google.

Our company has been framed by this man Karma saying that we are demoralising the contestants taking part in the pageant and that we are all mental patients.

Inspite of all this, we decided to continue with the training program as we feared for our lives and we had our own ethics as well. We did not want to conclude this grooming session on a bad note.

On the last day of the training program, our trainer Kirti DSilva was hugged by the organiser Karma Tshering for performing an excellent job.

The contestants all thanked our company for the training provided and even gifted us a basket and a set of earrings.

The house mother of the pageant house also wanted us to have an entire bag of freshly picked apples to take back home.

The final 18 contestants of Miss Bhutan Beauty Pageant 2010 even wanted our head trainer Savio DSilva to come to meet them so that they could personally apologise to him for the unfair treatment bestowed on him and the rascist remarks made by the contestant to him during his last class.

However, inspite of all this happening at the Miss Bhutan 2010 Pageant house our trainers were once again threatened at the hotel on Sunday evening, the 22nd of August, one day before we were supposed to leave Bhutan to come back to India.

This time round the organiser Karma Tshering stated that we had to pay for the entire hotel stay, food and drinks consumed at the hotel and pay up for damages caused to his reputation.

We were getting quite fed up and angry about the way this man, his team, and his contestants were behaving.

There were a series of lies that we had begun discovering over the entire 9 days of this training program or grooming sessions for the Miss Bhutan 2010 Beauty Pageant contestants.

If we reveal all these lies in this one article then it would seem like we ourselves were lying about this man Karma Tshering and his assistants Pema Choden, etc.

We had commented on the last Miss Bhutan 2008 being a bad role model as she has video clips posted on YouTube in which she is wearing an extremely revealing gown during the Miss Earth Pageant 2008.

The gown she wore can be seen on YouTube by you too. The link to watch this revealing video is on

Also, the organisers and contestants lied to us saying that she has won the Miss Congeniality award at Miss Earth 2008. When there is no such award. Miss Friendship award was won by Miss Ecuador.

The contestants are lied to by the organisers themselves. They are told that everything bad posted on forums about Miss Bhutan Pageant or it's organisers are posted by people who did not make it to the final 18 contestants.

Also, it is shocking that the employees of MPC Entertainment and the Karma Group are allowed to be part of their final 18 contestants.

Tenzin Norden, one of the final 18 contestants has been a part of the marketing team of the company MPC Entertainment that Karma Tshering owns.

Even more shocking is that we have still not been paid in full for our services rendered in Bhutan for the grooming sessions provided by our company. We are yet to be paid for the training of 5 more contestants.

Also, Karma Tshering and the MPC Entertainment group own other companies such as Bhutan Mountain Holiday and Chicken Feed produce. They have enough money to pay for everything that we have offered them as hired experts.

But, Karma Tshering states that he is a very poor man and requested us to pay for the hotel stay, airfare, food, etc. during our training program in Bhutan.

We had sympathy for him and agreed to pay for the Mumbai to Delhi airfare which amounted to 1/5th of the training costs.

We even told the Miss Bhutan 2010 contestants to improve their world knowledge and understanding of global issues.

We told them to work hard on their fitness every single day as most of them are low on stamina after just a few hours of work.

These 18 contestants have no idea how to reduce global warming or what a carbon footprint is. And, they are going to represent Bhutan at Miss Earth 2010.

They do not even know capital cities of countries in Europe, Asia and South America.

They have not heard of major companies such as Ikea and China Mobile. We tried our best to enhance their knowledge by holding General Knowledge Question and Anser rounds every day during the grooming sessions.

One contestant even compared the great Indian singer Lata Mangeshkar to the last Druk Star winner.

But, when these contestants had to deliver a speech on their 2 favorite celebrities not a single one of them included either the last Miss Bhutan or this Druk Star singer.

We told these 18 contestants to do a lot of research every single day to ensure that all of them were well aware of things in the news and social issues globally.

When we shared all this, we thought that the contestants and Karma Thsering would agree, and decide to work much harder to ensure that whoever wins Miss Bhutan is suitable enough to wear the Tiara and represent Bhutan.

But, to our shock we were told that we were demoralising the winner of last Miss Bhutan and these remaining 18 contestants.

We were invited by Karma Tshering to come here and take up this training in Bhutan. He begged us to offer the training at a cheaper rate. We gave him a huge discount because he begged. Else we rarely negotiate.

But, we did not realise what a bad man he was and how cheap he can be.

He spends many hours and late evenings in the same house as the contestants.

He and the video director of the Pageant "Pema Choden" spend countless hours in private "discussing things".

We sincerely feel he is a bad role model for pageant organisers worldwide. He is misusing his powers as a citizen of Bhutan with these 18 beauty pageant contestants and his team.

Karma Tshering told us that even the Prime Minister will not listen to us if we share this in the media as he is one of the most powerful people in Bhutan.

If such people represent Bhutan then I am shocked that the Bhutanese allow him to do so.

How did this scary story end in Bhutan...well...

Our trainers had to file a police complaint against Karma Tshering and MPC Entertainment at the Thimphu Police Station.

Only then did we get the permission needed to leave the country the next day without his interference.

Still, the contestants got their parents involved and demanded that we meet them early next morning before leaving for the airport or that we would face the consequences.

Then, the hotel manager started calling us up in our hotel room and told us that Karma Tshering told him to tell us to pay the hotel bills for the entire duration of the training program.

So, we had to clear this one last hurdle too by showing the hotel manager proof of emails sent by Karma Tshering to us clearly stating that his group would pay for the hotel stay, food and drink, travel and more.

Once we had the hotel manager's permission to leave we decided to pack our bags and run away from Bhutan that very night as we feared what would happen next.

With the help of 2 local friends in Thimphu and a nice cab driver we managed to reach the Bhutan and India border early next morning.

Both our trainers appointed for this grooming session went to Bhutan with their young infant "Max" who is just 21 months old.

Karma Tshering, Pema Choden, his team of organisers at MPC Entertainment and the final 18 contestants of Miss Bhutan Beauty Pageant 2010 had no shame to consider this fact about our trainers infant Max or the trouble we would go through carrying a young infant over the border in such dire circumstances.

To conclude this news story about Miss Bhutan Beauty Pageant and Karma Tshering, all we want is justice for ourselves. We sincerely feel that we were cheated by this man Karma Tshering, Pema Choden and these 18 contestants.

We had to put up with their lies and poor work ethics the entire 9 days of the training program and stay in Thimphu, Bhutan.

We have been defamed, we have our reputation to protect. We are ranked in the top 3 for "personality development courses" in the entire world.

We worked very hard to reach the level we have reached in our field in this world. We will not give up until justice is done in this issue.

Please give us justice...

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  • Rc
      Oct 29, 2010

    Does they guy lives in new york now? because i been scammed by someone under the same name & he works on fashion show. he says he founded his PR company now but he got money from my credit card without authorization.

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  • Ts
      Oct 29, 2010

    it is probably him because he has a few people working under him who are also involved in all his scams. The best thing to do for you is to file a report or complaint on this site with his name.

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