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Their service was unprofessional and shoddy right from the time I arrived. Firstly it took a few minutes for somone to acknowledge I was there. When the consultant finally arrived to escort me to the room which was so poky and cramped, she was chewing gum and she smelled of garlic. I was there for a facial and back massage. I was given a very unsatisfactory facial. Just my face was done -no neck and shoulders - I was not even asked to remove my top which is usually the case. This should be done to protect one's clothing!!?? I suspect this is because they have no towels or robes for clients. The bed had no covering and there was no place for one to hang clothing anyway. The whole procedure was not at all relaxing which is part of what a facial is about. You can hear the noise from the area outside the cubicle - everyone laughing and talking etc. More time was taken in applying the masque than anything else. The masque was not fully removed as I found out when I arrived home. It was very obvious. The massage was just as terrible. Again no towel or blanket to lie on, just a blanket for cover. A heater on the floor was blasting my face with hot air during the massage. I asked for it to be turned off. I now have a sore shoulder after this massage. The whole experience was anything but relaxing. I am going to request a refund from my credit company.

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      14th of Jun, 2012

    I went to this salon to have nails and toes done on a groupon deal! I had a lively girl called ruby, she was very friendly and a genuine nice person!!! The other staff that was there were also nice and if being honest it was a really funny banter and chilled place
    I think it needs to be given a chance I've been loads of places for nails etc these are on my top list!!! My only negative would be to cut down the hair side as beauty is what it's best for and by not having to many chairs would welcome the room but that's on a positive note!!! Give them a break i will be back!!! Clare

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  • Cl
      14th of Jun, 2012

    Ruby is a lovely girl not lively iPhone error

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  • St
      17th of Jul, 2012

    I have been trying to book an appointment for a massage i bought on groupon and they arn't answering the phone??? Has it shut down?? :-(

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  • Ph
      2nd of Aug, 2012

    Just had a full body massage (well if you can call it that?). I was invited into the smallest space I have ever seen. The lady who was miserable, kept having to move the chair from left to right to get in the right position. I would call the massage a stroke. It was not a massage and I thought all along that she may need to get some training, or she can't be bothered. Hopefully the latter. She missed my hands, feet and other parts of my body. All along I could hear the noise from the salon: phone conversations, general chit chat and traffic from outside. Everything that you would not want when your trying to relax. I did 'Groupon' so don't feel I have not wasted too much money. If I would have paid full price, I would have demanded my money back. Absolutely no professionalism!! Warning! Avoid massages here!

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  • Sc
      13th of Aug, 2012
    Mirror Mirror On The Wall - Terrible salon
    Mansfield Road sherwood
    England, Nottinghamshire
    United Kingdom

    The worst salon I've even had the misfortune of stepping in to. The service was so unprofessional. Not just from the young girls but the boss herself. The services provided are all substandard and I ended up going back to another salon to have them all put right. The salon is also not kept very well with few facilities. Staff talk on phones about their personal lives whilst in the middle of your treatments and as one other lady in the salon got ready for her treatment in the other room the therapist was out in the mainroom calling her rude names to other staff members. Certain products such as hd brows are fakes and they are not trained in them. This salon is for you if your after a youth club feel or drop invented but if you want a relaxing professional service with good outcomes then please please avoid.

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