Miro-Morczinek / Blackmailing

I am vacation rental owner and listed my properties on Miro Morczinek s website just 14 days ago. Yesterday I got a fake review. I don't know who wrote properties wre inoccupied due to renewing.

I called

Miro Morczinek
HomeAway Deutschland GmbH
Münchener Straße 7
60329 Frankfurt

and reported that this reviewer didn't stay on my properties. Miro Morczinek refuses to delete the fake, but very diffaming review.

Instead Miro Morczinek asked me to ad my property again ... and to pay again the yearly fee, which is appr 400 Euro.

I suppose that fake reviews are written by the staff of Miro Morczinek ... just to push landlords to pay several times the advertising fee. Evidently this is criminel business practice.

All landlords have been warned. Don't advertise with Miro Morczinek or


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