Mircocenter / advertisements are just scams

1 Westbury, NY, United States

Bought a laptop at a very good price labeled as new. Drive to store to buy, last one in stock. The workers take 30 minutes to find the product, okay. Notice box had been opened before (Manufacture sticker was opened and resealed with clear one), okay x2. Knowing the brand, I know they have nice box inside that so a open box shouldn't be much of a worry as long as the brand box was not opened. The brand box seemed very legit and not touched. Open the brand box and I find finger grease on keys and the screen was wiped as if trying to clean, that's enough of this store. Was not the first product I returned because of their scamming. Wasted time and gas. Never again and I hope they closed down since im not the only one they have scammed.

Jun 16, 2017

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