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Mio Card / Screwed up my Social Security Direct Deposit

1 P. O. Box 603Tulsa, OK, United States Review updated:
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2-4-09 FDIC Complaint against MIOCARD, InComm and The BankCorp Bank of Wilmington, Delaware.

Each month the U.S. Treasury deposits my Social Security Disability check into my MIOCARD debit card account through direct deposit.
On 3 February, 2009 this did not occur and when I contacted MIOCARD Customer Service at [protected], their customer service representatives tried to convince me that the Social Security Administration had "attempted" to make a deposit but it did not go through because the debit card I HAD, that ended in 6745 had expired and that it would take me 2-3 weeks to file another direct deposit request with Social Security.

Their customer service personnel did not know that I am not stupid and that the funds get transferred through routing and bank account numbers, NOT the debit card / Master Card numbers.

After verifying through the SSA that the problem did in fact exist within the InComm/MIOCARD banking system, I called the MIOCARD customer service once again. This time trying to access my account information on the Internet while I spoke with the customer service agent.

NONE of my account information, account history or anything past the last (5) transactions is available to me through the Internet and the MIOCARD customer service agent lamented that SHE couldn't access anything to do with my account history either.

It is evident that the problems lie within incompetant customer service level management at MIOCARD customer service and their online banking system which poses a great danger to ALL account holders and our funds.

THIS issues all need to be deeply investigated and immediate solutions applied to prevent this from happening in the future.
I shutter to think that all of our accounts are being siphoned for illegal purposes and us customers being stonewalled so that InComm and MIOCARD can reap the billions in interest money from collectively stalling our funds from hitting our accounts.

Please feel free to contact me (24/7) either on my cell phone [protected] or by E-Mail to:

Semper Fidelis,
Gregory Romeu

It would be benificial if the FDIC investigate this banking system and issue a harsh warning in regards to the delay of people's social security direct deposits, irregardless wether or not their systems have a "glitch", as this issue is causing me to miss traveling some 250 miles from Tulsa, Oklahoma to the VA Hospital in Dallas Texas to see my medical personnel to address a health issue related to a broken back after being struck and disabled by a tractor-trailer rig and driver.
These types of issues should be readily remedied by funds available with the bank(s) and the problems NOT laid into the hands of the disabled to suffer yet more demise in our lives as we are already suffering enough as it is.

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  • Br
      3rd of Apr, 2009
    0 Votes

    My story is the same...only the date has changed. It is Friday March 3. 2009 @ 4:35 pm and i have yet to receive my funds.
    I was assured by Teresa, a supervisor at Mio that they are "working on it at the moment".
    I have also failed to get the e-mail she promised me updating me on the progress of the "fix".
    Now i'm wondering if they are still "working on it" or are they goibg home as is customary on weekends and i will have to wait into next week for my funds...Brian Speer Odon, Indiana

  • Ro
      23rd of Oct, 2009
    0 Votes

    my story is the same no one at mio knows what the other person is telling you and they put in any thing they want after your conversation is done, we have been trying since october 13, 2009 to get money that was supposedly in post authorization status out but they have yet to release it back to our card carol told us it might be next week if they ok the letter from the company who put a stop payment collection on the money, they told me this morning to call after 5pm today and it would be on my card but here it is 9:38pm cental time and guess what NO MONEY and the accounting department went home at 5:00 pm and they dont work weekends, so we get screwed again bye mio/snap pay

  • Ly
      19th of Jan, 2012
    0 Votes

    My daughter received a MIO money card has a gift order to activate it we have to give personal information like her SS card number... that 's insane !! for a pre-paid Card..??? so i refused to provide SS card number for a $ 10.00 gift card. We will never see that money and when it expires MIO will profit $10.00 dolllars. How many Cards are they making money on because of people like me that refuses to give SS card number. This is insane. Someone needs to investigate this Company.

    Lynn Stephens

  • Ct
      31st of Jan, 2012
    0 Votes

    I am currently on the phone with MIO Money Card customer service for the 7th time and going through the run around for the 6th time. They requested copies of my driver's license and social security card to be faxed to them. I have done this and verified the email address several times. The email address was correct. Each time they tell me they won't know if it arrived or not for four hours. Then when I call back, they say they didn't receive it and refuse to activate the card. At this point, I am so fed up with this it's pathetic. There is a lot of money on the card that I can not afford to loose. And I have bills that are due today. Again, they are requiring this information to be sent, ONCE AGAIN before they will activate it. AGAIN, I confirmed the correct address and AGAIN I have a delivery confirmation stating they have in fact received it. This is absolutely insane. If this issue isn't resolved TODAY I am making a complaint against them to FDIC, BBB, and all over the internet. People if you are thinking about using this card, THINK TWICE!

  • Co
      17th of Feb, 2012
    0 Votes

    My story is a little bit different. I don't usually keep much money on my card, i only have it for small online buys and things like that. My balance was $43.11, then added $500 to it. My balance shows that it now $543. But, when i went to make a purchase online for $37.92 it told it could not be processed. I tried ordering the same item off of another site, thinking that maybe it was just the website again. But, once again, it told me that i needed to revise my payment information. I tried one more site and it told me i had insufficient funds. Keep in mind, my total was $37.92 and my previous balance was $43.11. So even if my 500 hadn't yet been put on (which, was added two days before) it should have still worked. I checked my balance on my MIO several times while this was going on and it said it was $543. I haven't called them yet, I was going to give it another day or two to see if it would start working first. Has anyone else had this problem? what is going on?

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