Mini Australian Shepards / Infection, fleas, no bill of sale

1 Cedar City, UT, United States
Contact information:
Phone: 435-590-1301

I bought a Mini Australian Shepard from this breeder two weeks ago. There are several issues that I have with the purchase of the puppy: 1) I was given a price for the dog, however, charges for additional items and fees where charged to my account that I was not made aware when discussing the terms of the sale. Since then, on four different occasions, I have asked for an itemized bill, but have received notation of the charges in the body of an email, excluding any taxes that should have been included as Utah charges state and local taxes for the sale of animals as I understand it. 2) The puppy was scratching relentlessly when I received him and was found to have fleas which I had to treat. 3) Most importantly, I received deworming meds which I was instructed to administer for 5 days. When the 5 day period was up, the puppy developed severe diarrhea 2 days later and was diagnosed, by my vet, to have Giardia, which I am now treating. In total I have paid $210.00 dollars which the breeder has refused to share any part of. At this point, all I want is a bill of sale, and for someone will look into the condition of the animals that reside with this breeder. Please feel free to call me: [protected]

Aug 11, 2014

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