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I was a subscriber / member of online dating / matching service for a brief period. I decided that I would like to cancel my subscription / membership, and I requested that the company DELETE my account data and all photos associated with my account. I received repeated replies from the site administrator - Charles - refusing my request.

Here is the text of the last response I received from the site:

For the last time, we do not delete accounts. I have not deleted a single Mingle2 account in my two-plus
years at the company.

I gave you instructions on how to close out your account. Other than that, I can't help you with your request.


I informed Charles that was unique, since several other similar sites that I have used are willing to delete all information, as requested. No other dating site that I dealt with refused my reasonable request that my information be deleted.

I believe that the dating site is not serving my interests as a consumer. They have their own interests at heart instead.

I strongly warn any other person considering the use of the dating site to take your business to any one of the other dozens of sites that are available, and avoid logging on the the site altogether. I believe you will regret that the site is not user-friendly, as I discovered.

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  • Ca
      Dec 20, 2010 - Its a haven for miserable people to cyber bully all the people that they are jealous of
    United States

    This site is full of biased mods that love to flame people. They are a very close clique and I wish I had read the reviews before I joined because lots of people posted about them being this way. I have been banned for my political views and I also get flamed constantly and the mods will only delete my posts, not the posts of the other users. Beware of this site, its not your non biased dating site. its a haven for miserable people to cyber bully all the people that they are jealous of.

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  • Gi
      Jun 16, 2011

    Useless waste of time, not one girl or lady would message me, not even a message.

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  • Ho
      Sep 13, 2015

    I reported a scammer's account to Mingle2 and the next thing i know is my account is in lock down. with this message.

    Your account has been automatically locked by our abuse reporting systems.
    Your account status is being reviewed by our site moderators. If this automatic lockdown is found to be in error, your account will be reinstated shortly

    That was 3 days go and it's still in lock down. I swear on the Holy Bible I did not break any of Mingle2's rules.. The person I reported scammed some money off me, I know it was stupid of me to allow it to happen.

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  • Mo
      Sep 18, 2015

    Haha now they blocked my account too for no reason. Apparently abusive ...but who cares...there are other sites. The warn you of scammers but are scammers themselves. They really are a pain.

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  • Do
      Dec 28, 2015

    M2 is a free site so it's going to get its fair share of scammers and fakes. Going through random profiles I'd say it was around forty percent fakes and scammer spammers. Quite high yes but probably to be expected. The real problem is that M2 no doubt makes its money by the amount of subscribers it claims to have and the ads it can sell. They also have a problem with fairly bad consumer relations. Any posts related to false profiles is locked out by moderators. It's almost like they know they have a problem with not vetting profiles but don't want to own up to it.

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  • Ta
      Jan 28, 2016


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  • Lu
      May 29, 2016

    Omg... same thing happened to me, locked my account for no apparent reason. I didn't do anythin to break the code of conduct or anything. I want to close my account and it wouldn't let me cuz it's locked.. such BS mingle2! !!!

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  • Ta
      Jul 09, 2016

    I didn't get blocked, but I deleted my account two weeks after joining so why the remaining balance of my three month period haven't been returned to my credit card and no one will respond from customer service and now that I deleted I can't get back into my account to chk and see if I fully deleted the account... WOWWWW bs

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