minearal make up / took money off my debt card

1 United States

They had make up for 1 dollar to try. So i tried it for a 1, then when i got my ssi cheack on my debt card they took 150.00 off for the make up.When i called them they said i ordered the make up, we argued all day long about the sitution so now iam fighting with them to get my money back . So if it says a dollar dont belive them, they are full of it .And the make up was sample and i never recived it.they wanted me to do the work of tracking it down . i told the lady no if iam paying 150.00 for this then u track it down. it is so bad how these companys are taking avange of people .but i will get my money back in 45 to 60 days my debt card company says. i hope

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