Millennium Property MgmtAvoid them


I lived at 1742 N. Edgemont in Los Angeles from [protected]. In 2001 Millennium arrived at the property and began charging a fee for tenants to park in the property parking lot. I verified through the city that if you are a resident of L.A., this is illegal. Millennium did not require me to pay.

In 2002, Sean Wright became the new manager and began to visit tenants demanding they let him in their apartments because he was the manager. In 2003, Mr. Wright slammed a door on my hand causing me to lose a part of my right index finger while crushing my right middle finger. He and his boss Janice Johnson perpetrated a lie and said I attacked him and as a result I was evicted. Janice Johnson even threatened a neighbor who was my witness, with eviction.

In 2007, I went to Superior Court in Los Angeles because I sued Mr. Wright. My former neighbor testified as my witness and a jury determined he assaulted me and caused me to lose my finger. They were ordered to pay my medical and ambulatory bills.

Janice is dishonest and unscrupulous while Sean Wright is a walking time bomb. Avoide Millennium Property Mgmt Inc of Mission Hills, CA.

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