Millenium PlusStay away from them

STAY FAR AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY!!! Shawn Daily contacted me several times before persuading me to max out my credit cards and to sign up because this was the greatest thing ever. Well what a joke! Please save yourself alot of money go to [redacted]S as well as the BBB of Arizona, oh yeah, they go by several names you might want to check those out as well, Horizon Technologies aka Millenium Plus aka Millenium GPS aka Angel Track GPS aka Cyber Auto Track among others. Then check out the names Tat ***** (a manager?) Rich Patterson(customer service?) Shawn Daily (coach?) and owners Mike & Toni Angel of which only Toni shows up after some bankruptcy for the former owner who different sites say was Mike's dad! Wow, so much for just a short period of time, After nego on phone they got $1490 out me they tried subsequently to get 1k per month for mailers, this so called website is just a generic shell that they forward for you to put your info in, they keep your domain name registered in their company, think of that, your suppose to have your website which by the way you pay almost $900 for and if you don't use, it, or quit voila they have an instant site which was actually already theirs to begin with you were just provided the illusion of a site, no way to track any potential customers that may find it. and the list goes on, So I contacted them, it's only been 2 weeks and Shawn Daily who was my coach? hasn't been in for over a week according to them, but while he was trying to sign me up he was calling me several times a day everyday! So then I get a customer service Rich Patterson who basically said to bad for you, you aren't getting a refund then hung up! I found out in the meantime that the address and business is basically just a telemarketing room with a suite no, that many other businesses use the exact same address with a different suite no. much the way a Mailboxes Etc, works, try it type their address in the google search engine. Anyway my wife called back and was transferred to a manager Tay ***** after she said she was going to complain, however when he got on the phone he first try to put her off and when he found that that wouldn't work he actually threatened her by saying, don't you live at...when she replied yes he said well everyone has something to hide and I will ruin you! Way to go Tay, threaten a woman because she says she will be taking action not to be cheated out of her money! So he also went on to say that it didn't matter what the little blog sites like [redacted]s or the BBB said because their business is nationwide and they don't care, think of how many people a day are losing substantial amounts of money and not realizing that there is somewhere they can turn just by sharing their experiences with others to help prevent others from this horrible experience, money is hard enough to come by without someone cheating you. I have contacted CNN in the hopes that they will do a scam report, I have also contacted the Arizona State Attorney General, as well as the BBB and [redacted]s and I'm just getting started, please help spread the word. It wouldn't be so bad if they would honor there money back guarantee but when they absolutely ignore it then its time to take action! Have a Great Week!


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