Mille Ale house/food / Unsanitary/ roaches

I've always eaten at Ale House, I never had anything major to complaint about except waiting too long to get service they always under stuffs. However Last Friday Sept 3rd my son and I went out to at Ale House in Altamonte Springs Fl. As I was eating my son notice a big giant roach on the table next to my plate. I suddenly jump and stop eating, I called for the manager and the waitress Jenn C to address my issues. The manager came and said it's a palmetto bug we always have stuff like that occured inside the restaurant, many times. He offered to put me outside to finish my dinner. Which I had no more appetite after seen this mess. My big concerned is they did not acknowlege it was a big deal nor apologize to me I didn't even eat 20% of my meals I still pay for it and left, and my meat raw. When I said to the waitress the meat it's not cook. The attitude was aweful I will never eat there anymore nor suggested any of my friends to continue to eat there.


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