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Mill Valley Sheepskin and Leather Company / Faulty product, Fraudulent Warranty, Horrible Customer Service

1 Jackson Hole, WY, United States
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I purchased what appeared to be a beautiful coat of shearling and fox fur in November 2009. Since I live in North Carolina, it is not often that such a warm coat is needed, and as it is dressy for everyday wear, it mostly hung in my closet. After not wearing it for over a month, and having been super-careful with it, having worn it only a few times, I was horrified to see spots of discoloration on the leather when I removed it from the closet. There was no visible staining or damage to the leather. The leather was untouched, it was just an area that had lightened.

The coat had literally done nothing but hang in the clean, spacious closet of a newly built home.

Quite dismayed, I immediately called customer service and spoke with Shayna. She said to pack the coat up, ship it back and they would exchange it as they had some in stock. I was fine with that as I *loved* the coat. So I mailed it USPS Express insured at a cost of $50. Well the coat arrived, but I never got any email or call or exchange from Mill Valley. So I called them.

The owner answered when I called and at first denied that he had received my return. When I said that USPS stated it was delivered the previous week and was signed for by "E Johnson", he then said there was no "E Johnson" working there. So I said, "that's what USPS shows", and then he replied "Oh there is a Johnson in the warehouse". So I asked when I might expect an exchange. At that point, he proceeded to BELLOW and YELL at me and say it was totally unbelievable that my coat would just discolor while hanging in the closet. I was so AMAZED at the horrible way he was treating me that I asked him "Why are you yelling? Do you really treat your customers this way? You gotta be kidding!".

Well, he accused me of lying ... which I am NOT ... I was as dismayed as anyone to pull the coat out and see spots when it was less than three months old. I was going to wear it to a much-anticipated dinner party for the mother of my recently deceased friend, and I was so shocked and saddened about it. I just couldn't believe the coat condition after so short a time!

Anyway, the owner then said that he would "call me back", which he didn't. So I called back later, talked to two different people, both of whom said they would "call me back" and didn't. The next time I called, I asked to wait for Shayna, who I was told was "busy". I was on hold for five minutes, and then was told that she was "on the phone with the bank" and would have to call me back. So I said okay, and I have STILL not gotten a return call.

I have since filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau in that town. Which, by the way, gives Mill Valley an F rating. They also have 7 existing complaints for this exact problem and 5 of those have not been resolved. I also have called my bank and disputed the charge. Since I haven't even had the coat three months, the bank accepted the dispute and is refunding my money.

It is really sad, because I really loved that coat. Received compliments on it each time I had worn it. But the owner of the company is so rude and nasty, and they do not honor their "warranty" at all, that I will never do business with them again. They are fraudulent because what is advertised on their website and what they tell you is not what they do.

So, buyer beware. Get your coat from a more reputable company.

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