Milk and Honey Kosher Market / Irate and rude owner

1 420 N Coit Road Ste 2023, Dallas, GA, United States
Contact information:
Phone: (972)404-0704

The owner of this store is so rude and a pretentious loser. The atmosphere is very depressing and there is no music. No one greets you and if you complain about your order being wrong the owner gets very irate.

I visited here to purchase some challah rolls. I even called my order in three days in advance. When I came to pick it up I gave the owner my name and what I came to pick up. I even told him I was the one who called and said I was coming to pick up the rolls under my name. He then gives me a blank stare and says ' it is not called challah rolls, it is called challettes. So I said that's fine just go ahead and get the rolls because I am in a hurry. He then gets upset and starts lecturing me on not being in a hurry. I tell him to keep his rolls, I can purchase better food with excellent service from Meat Point. He then screams at me and yell back 'whatever'. Such an unfriendly restaurant!! You would expect nice service from an owner who calls himself religious and pious. Don't waste your time and money here!

Milk and Honey Kosher Market

Jan 8, 2015

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