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Military clause / Unhappy residents

1 United States

My husband is in the Army. I provided our apartment complex a copy of the orders with a 30 days notice on 07/03/06, stating we would move out by 7/31/06. They are refusing to let us out of our lease without us having to pay $4104.00 (our lease terms actually ends in November).

They stated that because the orders have a date of January 2006 and it is now July that we need something more current. I explained to them that my husband deployed in January, but we (me and my children) stayed because they and I were both in school. However, because it is the summer, it would be easier now for us to make the transition.

When we moved here in July 05 we specifically told the manager at the time, Ms. Linda Stinson of our situation. She then stated that the "military clause in our lease would allow us out of our lease without any problems." She stated that we would just provide the orders and a notice that we were moving. In which we did.

Mr. Dan Parra, the "Vice President" was rude and unprofessional. After a very negative and emotional conversation, he hung up the phone and refused to give us the number to his supervisor.

We provided the office a copy of his orders along with a 30 day notice on 07/03/06. We have always paid our rent on time and our rental history proves this.

A VOR has been requested asking the Manager to indicate that we have been let out of our lease, shy 4 months of completion. Mr. Parra then indicated on this form that we could indeed move out on July 31st but would have to pay the 4 months rent or we will be "his case". We're not sure what that means but apparently he has no intention of honoring our Governments right to ask it's citizens to aid out brave soldiers who give their lives to our country.

As you can see from the resident perspective pulled from we are not the only unhappy residents with this staff.

We would appreciate your help in this matter by asking Mr. Parra and The Club Apartments to waive the 4 months rent as is our right under the orders of The United States Army, Soldiers and Sailors Civil Relief Act as well as paragraph 92 under the Texas Property Code. We will need this in writing to protect ourselves from any further threats made by Mr. Parra or The Club Apartments.

We need to move by the end of this month and we do not have $4104.00 to pay.

Thank you,
Mr. and Mrs. S

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