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BEWARE!!! DON'T TRUST THESE PEOPLE FOR YOUR MOVE!!! I arranged my daughters move with MILESTONE. They contracted the job out to MINI MOVERS in Cincinnati, Oh. Here is what these unprofessional movers did: 1. They showed up in a tiny van that could not handle all of the boxes and furniture that we had to move even though they were told it was a 4 bdrm house. 2. They tore apart my grandsons toddler race car bed and FORCED it to fit into the tiny van. Please note, these beds ARE NOT meant to be taken apart once they are put together. 3. They spent 10 minutes trying to ARRANGE 4 chairs into the truck. 4. They drove at 25 MILES PER HOUR to the new location, both ways, adding TIME TO THE MOVE. 5. The entire move should not have taken over 3 hours, but they were now going into 5 hours and the job was only half done, due to the slow pace and small truck. I just told them to leave. We now had to finish the job ourselves. 6. They did not have a COPY OF THE BILL for me to keep and I have been trying for 2 MONTHS to get one. 7. They charged a CREDIT CARD FEE without telling me about it. I have been trying for 2 MONTHS to get it refunded. 8. They have REFUSED TO PAY FOR THE DAMAGED TODDLER BED. 9. These people are NOT professional movers by any means. They move too slow and have no idea what they are doing. 10. I REFUSED TO PAY ANYTHING OVER THE 3 HOURS DUE TO THEIR INCOMPETENCE. 11. MILESTONE RELOCATION SOLUTIONS & MINI MOVERS are the most UNPROFESSIONAL & INCOMPETENT movers I have ever dealt with.


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