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Mildred Michalczyk Esq/ Mildred Czech Esq. / Fraudulant Practice

1 16 Walnut Ave EastE Farmingdale, NY, United States Review updated:
Contact information:
Phone: 631-752-2996

I would not recommend this attorney for any legal service. Bills and triple bills you for services not rendered, when you refuse to pay for fraud, this attorney will file frivolous lawsuits over and over again to harass and annoy. This is how she runs her practice, be careful. I wish some one warned me, or I wish I had googled her before I retained her. I will never make that mistake again. Comsumers must protect other consumers. Never hire a lawyer before doing your homework.

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  • Cr
      7th of Jan, 2009
    -1 Votes

    Will this unidentified and disgruntled person please identify herself for the record?

    We believe we know who you are Ms. Lisa Mackenzie aka Ms. Lisa C. Gagliano Posted: 2008-12-26 by "dont vote for lawyers" because you walk around at meetings like a peacock bragging about what you did in bankruptcy court to cover up your conveyance of assets to Michael T. Galvin prior to the bankruptcy.

    We also know you are writing all disparaging, defamatory and libelous information about this attorney and her loved ones to cover up your misdeeds.

    The only reason we do not donate to the "dont vote for lawyers group" a/k/a Americans 4 Legal Reform (Carl Lanzisera) is because of you and your bankruptcy antics and your mentor's stock manipulation antics.

    We would GIVE plenty if you were forced to resign from the Board.

    We are going to do our best to make sure that "dont vote for lawyers group" a/k/a Americans 4 Legal Reform (Carl Lanzisera) is never given another cent so long as you are on the Board, and expose what was done to co-founder Harvey when he was ousted.

    The only one putting bad things on Google about this attorney is you Lisa Mackenzie aka Lisa C. Gagliano.

    Why don't you stop the nonsense so "dont vote for lawyers group" a/k/a Americans 4 Legal Reform (Carl Lanzisera)
    can do some good to the public?

  • Ze
      8th of Jan, 2009
    +1 Votes

    Mildred J. Michalczyk Esq., with a comment like that and such imaginative allies', come on, everyone knows it's you lying about your former client who exposed the truth about you and your practice. You sound ridiculous, like another one of your incoherent tirades. You and your "home office staff" need a time out.

    Do you not realize that the more you babble and lie about innocent people they will retaliate with the TRUTH ABOUT YOU. Do you actually think you are a respected attorney after slandering many decent and well respected attorneys & Judges you work with on the Internet that you would be liked. Think again. You atrocious behavior and all your many violations of your CODE OF PROFESSTIONAL RESPONSIBILITY have been reported to the appropriate authorities.

    What's this about a 4 year old Bankruptcy? I think it's time for you to move on. It seems pretty obvious that you sound like a disgruntled creditor who was unsuccessful in extorting monies from a client that fired you.

    Not a very ethical attorney are you???

  • Cr
      8th of Jan, 2009
    -1 Votes

    Now we know it is you Lisa Mackenzie aka Lisa Gagliano.

    Lisa Mackenzie aka Lisa Gagliano we cannot wait until you are removed from the Board of Americans 4 Legal Reform. We are pushing for it.

    Not one IOTA of Truth comes out of your mouth.

    We will see to it that no one donates to Americans4LegalReform so long as you are on the Board. You have ruined the organization.
    We are recording the meetings, and videotaping the collection of cash into the hat to send the pictures to the Internal Revenue Service and State Taxing Authorities. We are contacting all of your guest speakers.

    We know there has been money missing since you came on the Board. We know there is an investigation pending. You can do what you want to hide your perjury and bankruptcy fraud, but the truth will come out.

    No wonder your child was removed from your care and your parenting rights were terminated by one of those "respected Judges" until you hired a respected lawyer. Had you not hired a respected lawyer, you would have only seen your child under close supervision.

    We know all about your bankruptcy, transfer of assets to Michael T. Galvin, Michael T. Galvin's feigned disability, your collection of health benefits while you were married to another from domestic partner Michael T. Galvin. The person to Google is you Lisa Mackenzie aka Lisa C. Gagliano, domestic partner of Michael T. Galvin, and on the Board of Americans 4 Legal reform.


    If you apply for financial aid, the bankruptcy fraud will be reported!

    Lisa Mackenzie aka Lisa Gagliano on the Board of Americans 4 Legal Reform is in it for the money. She is conducting a for profit money making business, and the person who went to jail yesterday proves it.

    Lisa Mackenzie aka Lisa Gagliano never showed up as C was arrested.

  • Ze
      8th of Jan, 2009
    +1 Votes

    This Lawyer breaches the attorney/client privilege and bills for services not rendered. If you refuse to pay her fraudulant bills, she will later try and extort the monies from family members. Beware!

    Upon information and belief, I find this women a poor and disgraceful excuse for an attorney in Suffolk County, NY.

    This behavior is so unbecoming of an attorney, didn't they teach you anything in law school? From the look of these childish ramblings, I think you were absent!!

    Mildred J. Michalczyk Esq., these violation will also be forwarded over to the Grievance Committee. You obviously don't respect your law licence any longer. What a waste...

  • Ca
      19th of Mar, 2009
    0 Votes

    Nothing in the complaint penned by 'zenobia' is true or factual. This submission was the result of a very disturbed person who, apparently after losing a Court case used this forum to smear a woman who is perhaps the finest, most skilled, fairest and most caring attorney in the state. Ms. Michalczyk is considered one of the fiercest advocates in the history of her profession.

    It is my observation that, based on the ridiculous and loosely anonymous signature of the writer of the rant that it was actually the ravings of a woman from Huntington Station, New York whose 'Reform group' and affiliated "Alliance" pretends to be involved with foreclosure, bankruptcy, and family law matters but which actually uses circumstances of persons in need for her own gain, both financial and political.

    Regardless of any of these unsubstantiated writings, anyone who is sincerely interested in the reputation of Ms. Michalczyk should certainly not consider the smear that was written here as anything other than a loser's rant and a significantly immature and wildly unprofessional attempt for retribution against an attorney whose primary concern is and always has been the best welfare of any client involved in the painful proceedings of divorce or other family matters or general litigation matters.

    A forum such as this that accommodates anonymous, libelous entries should never be considered as resources for anything. The only way for you to know the truth regarding Ms. Michalczyk is to contact any other reputable source of information regarding attorneys' histories and reputations. I assure you that you're certain to discover that 'zenobia' complaint is criminally wrong and that "zenobia" has been arrested on multiple occasions.

    Giving any credence to the puerile writings of that woman who signed herself 'zenobia' or 'tired of mildredmichalczykesq' and "tiredofmildred' and 'no lawyer' and 'misleading lawyer' would be the equivalent of relying on writings on a bathroom wall.

  • Ze
      25th of Mar, 2009
    +1 Votes

    Mildred J. Michalczyk Esq., is an abusive attorney and her inappropriate behavior in extremely unbecoming of an attorney. Consumer beware!!!

  • Mr
      12th of Jul, 2010
    0 Votes

    See Mildred Czech/Mildred Michalczyk's website for further information regarding this attorney.

  • Bi
      13th of Dec, 2010
    0 Votes

    she is fraudulent.

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