Mikes Garage / Avoid these Crooks

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This company Mikes Garage - Dayton, OH is COMPLETELY HORRIBLE!!! So what should have been an easy fix turned into a nightmare! I had paid him 400.00 for them to order a brand new water pump and install it. 3 weeks later my water pump goes out so I take it to my father in-law and he takes out the water pump and tell me I need to buy new one because he said it was about 15 years old. I told him it was a brand new one and he said look here is the date on it. This Mike is a scammer and a drunk. He uses used parts and they only last at the most 3 months. But he will lie to you and tell you he will order it new but its a lie. His 6 month warranty is bogus. Do not trust him. He is a rip off. I did not check reviews here before I asked him to fix my problem

I have never ever seen such unprofessional mechanics in my life- BEWARE GUYS!!!

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