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Mike's Car Wash / Damage to vehicle, refusal to pay for damage!

1 Lima Road, Fort Wayne, IN, United States Review updated:

We used to be a loyal customer to Mike's Car Wash until 2months ago when Mike's car wash machine ripped the gas door off of our Volvo. 2 months later, we are still trying to get repairs completed satisfactorily. Mike's did send us to a repair shop and agreed to pay for damages. Although the fuel door has been replaced, it no longer locks. Mike's refuses to pay to satisfactorily repair the vehicle to its pre-loss state. It's amazing that they seemingly wanted to "make it right" and then stop full short of actually achieving the goal. They do not feel it is their responsibility.

It's infuriating! Now we are stuck with a $180 bill from a $15 car wash. Please tell everyone NOT to patronize Mike's Car Wash--- Don't visit Mike's Car Wash, or if you do---it's at your car's own peril!

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  • Ch
      7th of Apr, 2008

    Depending on how your state's consumer laws are constructed, you can take this to either a magistrate or small claims court. Most car wash owners and dry cleaner operators think that they are off the hook if they post disclaimers in their places of business stating that they "are not responsible for damages". WRONG! In most states with good consumer protection laws, it doesn't matter one bit what the signs in the shop say ---- what matters is what the laws say. Unless you live in a state that for some bizarre reason doesn't care about the votes of its consumers, your car wash owner is obligated to make you "whole", which means he has to pay to restore the vehicle to its pre-damaged condition.

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  • Da
      30th of Oct, 2008

    It sounds to me like you have an issue with the repair shop, not the car wash. If the car wash paid to get the door replaced isn't it the repair shops obligation to make it work correctly? Just because it was the car wash that broke the door doesn't mean it was the reason it wasn't fixed right. Accidents happen at both the car washes and repair shops. Don't tell people not to patronize a business because of an error on another business' part.

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  • Nd
      22nd of Jan, 2009

    Sounds like its the repair shops responsibility to me, Mikes sent you to a repair shop and paid for the damages. It sounds out of their control to me, and maybe you should be posting a complaint about the repair shop instead of the carwash.

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  • An
      20th of Jun, 2009

    Yeah I work at that location, I remember you. We sent you to a repair shop and paid in full, what the repair shop did is out of our control, it is not a repair shop that works for mikes. We have no communication with them, and also think about it, it isn't our location that made those decisions, it is the Office, when you were told yes for the first repair, it was the Office that said yes, when you wanted another repaired, it was the Office that said no, It was not Mikes Carwash of Lima Roads choice at all.

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  • Ob
      15th of Apr, 2010

    Not to mention that the weird locking mechanism and subsequent failure of those cheap Volvo fuel doors is a known issue to carwash operators around the country. The high-powered blowers blow them open in drying bays if it isn't locked and the doors overextend at the hinge and break. We just put a piece of duct tape over the door more issue.

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  • To
      2nd of Mar, 2016

    I am going through same kind of BS. Had my antenna broken of while going through Mike's Car Wash. The antenna after being ripped of by the washing belts struck my passengers side door frame chipping the paint on my H3 Hummer. I was told that was not possible...really...then how in the world did my door get damaged after the antenna was ripped out and slammed into My door? I attempted to contact..left message with District Manager person no response...humm...take your money but not willing to own up to damage they caused...

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  • Jo
      20th of Mar, 2018

    sounds like you are not responsible auto owners to me take off antenna put back on after no big deal as for gas door take back and get repair shop fix it right they never fixed it have never had problem with car wash you can also wash it your self as i do most time

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