SUBMIT A COMPLAINT / Bad hair products, bad quality. They robbed me.

1 China
Contact information: is a Chinese base hair company that started out very well but then started to mix orders and then act the victim and never fixed their mistakes. I bought some hair from a UK vendor and I told her to please send them 4oz of hair to Of course I paid like $116US dollars for the 4oz of Virgin curly Indian hair and then $16US dollars for the shipping from the UK to China. I live in the US and I was going on vacation and I wanted to make a frontal for me(I will post pictures of the frontal for proof). Then I found out that either processed the hair that I sent which was real human hair or they took my hair and sold it to another person at a higher price. The UK vendor has a very good reputation, no bad reviews and I have ordered hair from them which was beautiful. But now are telling me a different story that they never told when I PAID THEM $95 US DOLLARS so that they can get started on my frontal. I have all the records of the emails saved and when I sent them proof and told them that they are lying they didn't reply back. I am aware that I DID used some foul language but I am really angry and I feel like I was robbed.

So this is how it started. MY UK vendor sent me picture of the 4oz bundle of hair which is the FIRST Picture below and as you can see the FRONTAL is in the second picture. It is not the same hair. You can tell that is not...the second picture the hair is this is what happened.

I contacted them, my UK vendor send them the hair in the first picture. She even gave me a tracking number which I tracked my hair going through China. So the Manager of MikeMary...named LILY emailed me and said she received the 4oz hair. They got to work to making my frontal, and I HAD TO PAY first before they started it. I paid $95 US DOLLARS to them. I worked with an employee of hers named Maggie. Maggie was telling me how the hair I sent might not be enough and that if so she would use her wigs hair. I said no, if is not enough then make the size of the frontal SMALLER. So I waited for her answer and even contacted my UK hair vendor which she offered that if there was extra hair needed that she would send it and to let her know what MAGGIE the employee had to say. Maggie said that it was fine so again if there was not enough hair, why did they still wanted to do it a larger size when I told them to make it smaller...?

So now when I contacted them they told me that my hair was bad quality(the hair that I sent) and that I had no hair left. BUT if I had no hair left how come they sent me a ponytail with a rubber band saying that it was from the hair I sent? Now they told me they mix the hair but it is obvious that they also processed it. But IF MY HAIR was bad quality and their hair was GOOD QUALITY why did it they mix both of it together? Why do it without my permission. Now she's trying to say that I am trying to cheat her off the money, but IT WAS MY MONEY and they lied to me. And I would like to at least get my money back. And to show that they have done this before, I will leave discussion on internet forums of THEY never want to return the money when they do a mistake how come? They are thieves and I want my money back.

The third picture it was the hair that they said I had LEFT and then on EMAILS. They said that my hair was not good and that I had no hair in the new emails they said they mix both their wigs hair with the HAIR in the first picture...but again they said my hair was bad so does this even make sense? No it does not. They pretended and acted like the hair on the ponytail with rubber band was the hair in the first picture AND IS NOT.

Here is a forum discussion of (THIS PERSON had to go all the way to CHINA TO get their money back).

I also have the emails IF NEEDED FOR PROOF.


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