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Here is what i sent dodge but you have to understand it has been non stop problems and i dont want the lemon law i want my truck to run!!

my truck has been in the shop alot since i purchased it. I even drove it off the lot and less than a mile down the road the check engine light came on. it has been a never ending battle for me. It was so bad that at one time Martin(ex service advisor) and Nathan(ex diesel mechanic) would shove me to the front without even having me do paperwork to get me back on the road. I was in every other day for different things. On 06-18-2009 thursday my truck gave me a see dealer notice. I went in and they said it would be monday before they could even look at it. What if it was just a code to clear or re flash I asked, it didnt matter they were swamped. So i said I'll bring it in monday if you can get to it. They said be here at 7am when we open. Well saturday i noticed my truck was jerking as if the turbo or fuel wasnt right so I went in. A non diesel mechanic (jd) who was very nice and honest told me he would give it a quick look and see what codes were thrown. After he looked at it He said bring it in monday and the tech will get on it. Sunday 06-21-2009 on the way with my children and wife to church the truck loss all power and started blowing black smoke. no overhead message about regen or anything just instant chaos. After i set on the side of road with my young children in the 104+ texas sun i got a tow to the dodge house and parked it in front of the gate. I contacted my boss who was very unpleased that I was haven to take vacation on short notice because of another issue with my dodge. (I am a sales consultant in the explosives nature of oil and gas in the ark-la-tex region. My truck is mine but my company pays % of payments unless it is broke for a period of time. We are paid by days in field so break downs cost us everything.) Needless to say I was thankful enough to have almost 4 days paid vacation available to offset the down time for the dodge. however monday at 630 am 06-22-2009 when I approached the service dept i was informed it may be wednesday before the diesel tech would even look at it. Everyday i stopped by to see the status and there it set in the parking lot. I was even told by a mechanic that because it was warranty work they would probably juggle it around pay jobs that were not warrantied for more money.

At last Thursday I received a call from service saying my truck was being worked on and it had dpf changed and some cleaning done but turbo was fine. However "Andy its goin to cost you around 314.00 for some things not covered under the warranty" service dept..

I almost flipped why the hell aint it covered?

"because it is a oil change-egr cleaning and crank case sensor" service dept

i talked with the manager and he said it was something dodge would not cover and if i had a problem to contact dodge that they had no say. Guess what I couldn't contact ya'll cause you don't answer phones. and the closest thing I came to a person was some lady who I could not understand due to her extensive accent. So i contacted local dodge dealerships in surrounding city's. And guess what. They say Mike brown dodge is full of crap. That they are known for being crooks. Imagine that a fellow dealership not even 20 min away that services dodge is talking about its franchise. they said it should have been covered exspecially with it taken so long. And egr cleaning is worthless, that they need to clean it for free and order a new one and when it comes in to call you so you can have it put on. This same story was expressed from three of four dealerships and the fourth said they would not specify pricing against another dealership but to contact dodge directly that it sounds bogus.

back to story... I left thursday with a false security that my truck would just come right back due to the arrogance that surrounded it. So friday i picked up what used to be my dream truck payed my money and talked to the mechanic about repairs. He said same thing about cleaning and that turbo was fine no codes.

CODES! what kind of mechanics do you have. Has anyone realized the soot circulating system of the 6.7l! If your dpf fails regardless of codes, clean or replace egr, clean turbo, change oil because diesel that was suppose to pass thru exhaust has filled up pan!! That is no brainer dodge. So again I questioned turbo since my previous turbo and dpf failed and the mechanics at mike brown dodge replaced it all and said cleaning a turbo is a must regardless of codes. ( thats a real Mechanic)

I left Friday with my truck and drove into work. Luckily my boss had a job for me for the next two weeks out of state and i could leave sunday morning for it to make some real good money. Sunday morning I drove to shop signed paperwork and left at 3am. I noticed truck was surging, kinda making a grumbling noise at take off with no power. I got to a small incline and truck just loss all power. I pulled over and restarted truck and it drove fine for a couple miles then same thing. A mechanic was sent out to read codes and it was a p2262 (thats a turbo pressure not detected code) well no crap I told you so would have been the greatest answer of all except I had been with out my truck for a week, and started that weekend with intentions to make money to only have to call my company and have them dispatch another unit to cover my job. Who was 4 hours late due to my dodge failure.

I am probably one of the most passive and free goin gentlemen you will ever deal with. But there is a time dodge need to realize that the everyday hard working American can not have there vehicle break down time after time again! I am now on a mandatory time off till truck is operational with no pay. I hate to be a sale out but im tired of it. I am a US ARMY veteran of 8 wonderfull years that served in Operation Iraqi Freedom in 2003. I am a father of 3 girls and a boy who depend on me to make money. In the economical struggle we all face I can not be held back from money due to your dodge product. I can understand health and loss of motivation and personal choice but i will not lose my job due to the multi billion dollar man in the suit who runs dodge and drives a Lexus.

Please I am not goin to bad mouth anyone personally at the dealership I bought and service my truck at. They have told me numerous times it is out of there hands. Those men and women who work there follow someones decision an that is who I focus this at. And to who ever reads this I apologize greatly and hope you can smile a little from it all, this it not towards you but for whoever your bosses boss works for. And especially to the newbie dodge will probably ave call me to apologize for this dealerships performance and they will wish me luck in the future and hope to keep my business. blah blah. Of course you got my business, im still paying for this truck! And have no problem with the name DODGE but i do have a problem with the way it is ran and people are treated.

5 days to get truck out of shop for a 3 hour job.

only to have to lose a job 2 days after getting truck. due to a turbo failure that should have been replaced when dpf failed!!

I am hoping tomorrow when I visit my dealership at 7am they will understand the stress i am under and see to it my dream truck is fixed immediately.

I am sick of the service and expectations of your vehicles. I sold a lot of my belongings and toys to buy my dream truck, which happens to be the very first new dodge I have ever owned. 2008 6.7l mega cab silver 4x4.


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      Jan 13, 2011

    Man, when I read your letter, I felt like I was part writer of it. My truck (2007) 6.7 has given me problems since the first month I bought it. I also bought my truck from Mike Brown in Granbury, Tx. Them people are more interested in getting you to sign that blank piece of paper(only to later fill out some EXTRA work THAT IS NOT UNDER WARRANTY than they are about fixing your truck. What they do is get you to (commit) by signing that paper.
    I took my truck back there last week about 2 recalls, plus the engine light was on. The service dude told me to be there at 7:00 am so I was. I give him my keys. I told him about the recalls & engine light and right off the bat he says $190.00. So I tell the dude that I have the 100, 000 mile warranty it should be free, DUH!!! ENGINE LIGHT usually pertains to the engine, doesn't it?? I paid dam nere 3 thousand dollars for the extended warrantyand now I have to start paying in $200.00 intervals. Anyhow, I told the dude to give me back my keys. He did so and I was out of that Scam Dealership(MIKE BROWN DODGE) SCAMMERS. I had a bad feeling when he told me $190.00 before he even looked at anything. Wouldn't you???
    My truck, 3500 turbo, dually, black was also my dream truck. Now as it sits inyet another dealership(waiting to get fixed for the 6 or 7th time) I'm scared to answer the phone for fear that these people are going to try to rape me as well.
    I'm finally figuring out that the this dodge truck(after the 100, 000 mile warranty is expired) is going to be a money pit. This light has come on time after time, some times it will go off, and stay off for months(usually in the summer time).
    The moral of this story is that the truck is a constant problem till I get rid of it, and MIKE BROWN DODGE and his Service Director really suck at there jobs. (simple as that)

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      Apr 15, 2011

    I would like to say that I beleive this story has some truths woven into the exagerated fabric, but only some. Dealers are bound by the policies and proceedures of the manufacture. If you do not agree with those proceedures contact the manufacture. It was stated that the shop moved your vehicle around to not work on it as it was warranty when dealers and techs make the same amount or close to the same regardless of customer pay or warranty and they dont have to worry that someones check will bounce. It was stated that you love your truck, obviously not as that is the issue. The ccv filter and cleaning are part of regular maintenence as per your owners manual which has obviously not been read. Manufactures will warrant cleaning if a part failure occurs causing soot build up on a vehicle that has received regular scheduled maintenence. Dealers do not replace parts under warranty because an untrained individual thinks they were bad or had a friend that said this was the problem. Im assuming that the turbo still didnt fix your truck that you stated was the root cause and if the other dealers were so forthcoming why was your truck not taken to the many dealers that said it should be covered? Also while you were doing this digging with other dealers, why would you not spend the time digging with the manufacture unless you didnt hear what you wanted to hear. Check out time that a dealer charges is for when an issue isn't covered under the warranty, again set by the manufacture. Expecting them to commit fraud is simply ridiculous as they would have everything to lose and nothing to gain. You are upset at having to pay for what is your responsability? Me too (mortgage, electric bill, taxes, car repair, children etc.). How would you feel if they did that to you, you already dont like check out time, again how are they crooks? Check out time is not paid if the issue is covered under warranty and is solely charged in the event the the manufacture does not cover the repair so how again are they crooks? Maintenence and stupidity are not warrantable. Techs get paid by the flat rate hour and there is simply no magic source of income for dealers and warranty dollars im sure are a large part of it. They get that time up front as it cannot be charged after checking vehicle out without first making customer aware. Again all dealers charge check out time dispite the perception of the customer it should be paid under warranty regardless of situation. Check out time is charged in plumbing, a/c, electrician, sprinkler, as well as trip charges. Yet no diatribe on those industries. Dodge themselves had no idea how to fix their own product at that time and still are sketchy and that is their product. It seems to me that no warranty covers everything (homes, appliances etc..) and that typically the only complainers are either those who dont take responsability of ownership of their vehicle, or those who dont have the means to pay for it! We pay $4 a gallon for fuel, $3 a gallon for milk, are a country full of crooks and swindlers and you are beating up an entity who simply follows the guideline the manufacture sets forth, the same manufacture who makes the decision to warrant or not warrant your vehicle. I assure you it has to be easier getting the manufacture to pay for it than asking the customer to pay, be mad and write some blog for their satisfaction. It must be miserable being miserable, take responsability or blog about the manufacture, not someone who disagrees with your assertion and I beleive was trying to help. I have nothing but good to say about this dealer and other companies having to deal with people on a regular basis.

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      Apr 15, 2011


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      Apr 15, 2011

    You guys continue to make my point, If said truck is at another dealer for the sixth or seventh time I guess all dealers work under the same guidelines! Still not fixed...Huh! Seems like the common denominator is your truck and the manufacture as it sounds like no one place has fixed it. If they were scamming would they have told you up front or tried to make you pay after? You stated up front so I assume they are doing it correctly. Again only people who complain typically are people who dont take responsability for their vehicle or those with out the means to do so. In my experience all others just discuss it. It sounds as if the manufacture struck again, not the dealer, and since the next dealer has yet to be able to fix it, do they suck to?

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