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I first discussed my my situation with Migrate me, i wanted advise about emigrating to Canada, they took all my details and informed me i was eligable for emigration, they told me they had special conections with companys that would employ me with my qualifications and that i was looking at aprox 8 to 12 month for completion. this was in 2013, it is now 2016.
I didnt hear anything from anyone for aprox 6 to 12 month unless i called them time and time again for an update on my case, i was passed from case worker to case worker then told time after time the visa streams are changing excuse after excuse. I spoke to Simon who appears to be a senior figure with migrateme / dream jobs abroad, this was after nearly 2 years of waiting around with no feedback unless i made the call. eventually i challenged Simon told him i was ready to give up and would like a refund, Simon convinced me to carry on and told me i would get every penny back if they didnt succeed, He then told me he was passing my case over to a worker that was efficient and had managed to land a 53 year old man a job in Canada as a carpenter. I also sent my own research in to them from indeed .com job search which they used quite a lot to look for jobs for me so well done me there, I even took a flight out to canada and had 4 interviews with regards to responces i had received from my CV, which by the way i had to advise them on 4 to 5 occasions on the correct info as it was not recorded correct on the CV. Only to my dispair when i arived in Canada and went to the interviews that they were for zero hour contracts which is not eligable to claim working visa, surely migrateme should have known this being specialists of course, i did manage to bag a job interview myself while i was there, i was offered 2 zero hour contracts form the intervies i had, how dissapointing when you cant have a visa for this.
Well on and on it went excuses etc. and all the time i asked for reasurrance they were going to get me to Canada not to worry, so i carry on as i had paid the fee £1500, i was even asked a time line as to when i would be going and reasured every time i was going to be going to Canada.
I left my apartment gave up all my furniture and most of my belongings to get ready for that big day and after 3 years of being fobbed off and badly advised im still in the UK house sharing as i have given up everything as they were taht convincing .
I have now given up, i called them and discussed that refund which was discussed over a year ago with Simon only to find he had gone back on his word and im not entitled to anything back.
Oh and i did see a email passed to and from colleagues (Simon again) stating on the last occasion i wanted my CV updated as i had gained more qualification over the years, i was to edit it myself so send her an editable version to do it herself and why when the qualification is not relevant to the jobs i was applying for, even though the qualification is recognised in Canada and it was another possibility, Dont think i was supposed to see that email. Then all of a sudden my case worker was no longer available .
At this point you can imagine i had really had enough now so i did put forward to Simon enough was enough, ( which by the way i had said previously a year ago but they talked me in to keep trying and would give a full refund if not successful) I even expected a part refund as i felt this was fair, but NO.
Im discusted how they are deceitful with the information they have given, and they think they can play with peoples time and lives this way, i have clearly been misguided and they have led me a merry dance all the way knowing the odds were against me because of factors to do with my age, i was 43 when this started and im now 46.
All the positive reviews you will read are probably simple straight forward holiday working visas which apply to certain age groups. Or if you have a trade in demand, which again i feel i was led down the garden path, there were plenty of Canadian social care workers also being interviewed for the jobs that i went to interview for and they have to prove they cant fill the vacancys with their own candidates first which was never going to happen. They are not going to pay the fees for a worker on LMIA when their own citizerns can fill the vacancy.

I have learnt quite a lot of info to pass on to anyone else who might be thinking of using a company like this. DONT BOTHER you can do all the work yourself look on line apply for your own jobs and you can apply for your own visa its not as daunting as you think and wont cost you a penny more than the cost of the visa. I have friends who have done this since my experience and they are lucky enough to access for the work holiday visa for a small fee. Dont be going paying these fees seriously it's a con.
Im currently going for legal advise about my experience. Its like i bought something on the advice of the sales rep and they failed to deliver the good.
I hope other people will take on board and not waste any money on companys like this one.

Nov 15, 2016

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  • Ja
      Nov 15, 2016

    Discusted with this company and badly advised. Dont pay your hard earnt cash on con artists like this.

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