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Mighty Leaf unfairly blames poor website design and shopping cart bugs on customer!! I received an email promotion of a sale on Might Leaf's website. The promotion motivated me to look at their tea specials online. In addition to the holiday sale, they were offering free tea pouches with the order. In addition to these special offers, they were also offering free shipping on the order. On top of the free shipping, free tea, and a 20% discount, it appeared they were offering another Holiday special: a free mug with the order. I decided to take them up on the free tea pouches, free shipping, 20% discount, and free mug with my order. I received my tea in the mail in a couple weeks. Then I received another box the next week. I figured there was some glitch in their system. When I received a third box I found out from my wife our Credit Card was billed 3x. I called and was transferred a couple times until I was put through to voicemail. My Credit Card was again billed over the weekend. Today I called wondering why I was being shipped boxes repeatedly. They said I had signed up for a reoccurring service when I ordered my first product. Apparently, of all the holiday specials ( 20% discount, free tea, free shipping, and a free coffee mug), the coffee mug indicated that I was signing up for a recurring service. This was not obvious to me as I would never willingly sign up for 100 bags of tea every week. I never received any indication in the conformation email that my order was recurring. I told them I had no idea, at any time, that I was signing up for a recurring service of 6 boxes of tea (15 pouches each) per week. Why would I want that? I drink 1 cup a day not 12!

Mighty Leaf has a poorly designed and buggy website. Not only was the website not very clear, the shopping experience was confusing as to what was a real holiday special and what was not, I never once received any indication in any email that I had signed up for this recurring service! I had absolutely no idea. To add to that, I tried to cancel an order and got an Error Page.

After I complained and they blamed their website problems on me, they stopped the shipments. However, they have not reimbursed my credit card and say they will not until they get the product back. I am happy to give them the unopened boxes back but do not want to pay the shipping costs. They refuse to pay the shipping costs and make no apology. In fact, manager Ananda Domingos asked if understood what "recurring" meant! How insulting!

As of today, Mighty Leaf Tea has excessively charged me $161.01. I expect them to pay for the shipping of this product back to them and reimburse my credit card.

I hope that you can avoid the same problems I have had and do business else ware. Do your business from a company that CARES!!

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      Jan 08, 2009

    We have spoken with the customer, acknowledged his concerns and resolved any outstanding issues.

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