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Tues Jan 06 2015, Miele S762 vacuum cleaner stopped working. As it is within the Guarantee period I phoned Miele UK. Following the initial call reception I was put through to Customer Services and was left waiting for over 15 minutes before I hung up and redialled the first number, which I found out was for Sales (which is why my call was answered straight away each time!). The person managed my enquiry for a repair. a box was to be sent out via ParcelForce on Wed Jan 07, in order for me to pack up the vacuum cleaner and wait for another ParcelForce collection to take place between 08.00 and 18.00 on Fri Jan 09.
I had to rearrange meetings and engagements on Fri Jan 09 in order to hand over the boxed vacuum cleaner.
By Thurs Jan 08 the box had not arrived. I phoned Miele UK using the same number (for Sales) and again got straight through and then had to be redirected to Customer Services.
I waited 21 minutes for my call to be answered, by which time I expected an apology for the long wait. This was only offered after I stated my case for a second time.
The Customer Service assistant spoke with her line manager and following this the only course of action offered to me was, once more to receive the box from ParcelForce and once more change my plans for yet another day next week in order to wait in between the hours of 08.00 and 18.00 thus having once more to move around my pre-existing appointments and plans.
Inevitably I am going to have to go through this laborious process inn order to get back my vacuum.
Miele UK needs to understand that this is not good Customer Service and it is poor Customer Relations.
The reason i have bought Miele products has in the past been due to their reputed good products and after sales service. Miele UK should not only be concerned with engineering and selling products but should be prepared to look after their customers in the after sales period.
This type of poor Service nowadays is unacceptable and eventually Miele UK's reputation will become damaged by disgruntled customers such as myself.
I have never had to complain about a Company or a product before but in this instance I feel so strongly that Miele UK is a Company 'resting on their laurels' ; this is unsatisfactory.

Jan 08, 2015

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