Midwest Vision Center / Rude service

My friend had a problem with his frames that the finish was coming off and irritating his face. He had visted Midwest Vision 6 months after he got his glasses and they turned him away stating there was nothing they could do. His English is not the greatest so he asked me after dealing with the pain for several more months to go back with him to talk to them again. When speaking with the woman at the front counter; she made reference to the fact that "his employer" didn't pay for them; that he got them FREE from Medicaid and that Midwest Vision did not warranty anything and they were cheap frames. After continuing to complain they then said that he was allergic to the frames. They finally agreed to try to adjust them, and when adjusted he could not see properly through the bottom; they said that was all they could do. I asked that they give him a note so that he could take it to his social worker, since the stated that the finish wore off because he was allergic to them. One of the workers at the pick-up counter began yelling at me stating that I was going to get NOTHING and I had an ATTITUDE since I walked in the door. I stated; excuse me... and she continued to yell and another worker took her in a back room. Gosh, how could I not be a bit miffed with the degrading remark that was made: "you didn't pay for them". I never yelled, I never swore, I was simply standing up for my friend which had a right to complain about a product and service he was unhappy about and we had no reason to be treated so rudely. No matter if someone is on Medicaid, has their own medical insurance or has a few million dollars in the bank, they still deserve to be treated WITH HUMAN DIGNITY AND RESPECT. There are many people down on their luck due to this horrible economy. I have also written the manufacturer I-Deal Optics since they stated they were "Cheap" frames that Medicaid only allows. Apparently, they have the attitude "if they are paid by Medicaid you have no right to complain".


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